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  1. ScruffyTheFox

    Digital Reference

    Hello everyone! Scruffy here, and looking to update my reference sheet! So this will actually be very important for me since this reference sheet will be used for future fursuit submissions! My fursona "Scruffy"s old fursona can be viewed here (This link is NSFW!! It is to my FA! which has...
  2. ScruffyTheFox

    Telegram: The Furry Dungeon 18+

    The Furry Dungeon on Telegram is open! We currently have 70ish members and growing. Come join our chat : D Message me or one of the mods below. Admin: @ScruffyFireFox Mods: @Grovajl @TekaWolfGang
  3. ScruffyTheFox


    Hello everyone I'm Scruffy the fox, and I am looking for artists to spice up my fursona "Scruffy" with either a badge, Icons or stickers. My budget is as following. Badge: $30 (digital or traditional, colored and laminated ) Icon: $10-20 Stickers (for Telegram): $5-10 per sticker Find...