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  1. uzukitty18

    dragon/demon ref sheet?

    i have a character whom i can not seem to get right when i draw her.. and when people im doing trades with ask about her or ppl i get a commission from ask.. i go.. "uhhh.. well.. lemme tell ya.." and im obviously not as good at explaining her as i thought i was. so i really need a ref...
  2. uzukitty18

    Uzu swap

    okie dokie then.. my friend Buterscotch_Tiger had this idea and thought it was pretty nifty so here goes... if youd like to do an art trade with me ill swap you art for art.. if you give me a sketch i will give you one back.. ink for ink and color for color... i will let you know im not...
  3. uzukitty18

    i has request

    i usually do a lotttt of other characters.. and neglect my own fursona.. soooo im really wanting to see her... my links are in my sig.... if anyone is to draw her for me.. i would consider returning the favor :3 edit with description: race: Tigard (1/2 tiger, 1/2 leopard) height: 5' 6" hair...
  4. uzukitty18

    the hi im new here post XD mrew!

    hi ... im new here *smacks self in head* duh..... anywayss.. what is ups.. mrew! >^.^<