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  1. scruffywolf

    has it been that long?

    i seriously forgot how to spell furaffinity..... Firefox decided it was time to reset my history.. or something.. i dunno.. but i tried it once.. got some bot page.. or something.. then tried it again.. and ooh lookie here.. another typo page.. i had to go to yahoo to have it help me out >___<...
  2. scruffywolf

    in honor of our new server... i present..

  3. scruffywolf


    soo... cant be much longer can it? if not.. i can wait.. (i dont look at pronz! btw haha *gasp!*)
  4. scruffywolf

    interesting...FA's estimated net worth

    woof! i stumbled across this website.. and it said FA's estimated net worth was worththats pretty awsome far as im concerned ;) Go Furries!! woo! http://www.websiteoutlook.com/www.furaffinity.net just looked at deviantarts worth... >__> $30 mil