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  1. Furcade

    Do you smoke?

    A question I've been wanting to ask for a while now: how many of you smoke cigarettes? Do you encourage/discourage others to/from smoking? If you do smoke habitually, how do you feel about it? Do you feel it's having adverse effects on your health? Why do you smoke, and why did you start? If...
  2. Furcade

    Fursuiting Disasters

    Has anybody seen (or made) any really awful fursuits (or components thereof) that are so horribly awful that their seeing the light of day is unjustified? I built a tail once, and it was pretty bad. And then there's this ("Neville News", published last year in my local paper)...
  3. Furcade

    Metal for Beginners?

    I'm pretty familiar with a lot of genres of music, with the notable exception of metal. As part of a quest of mine to become a better musician, I'm trying to broaden my appreciation of music, and this involves getting into a bit of metal. For reference, this is the "heaviest" song that lives on...
  4. Furcade

    Earliest anthro/furry-related memories

    I was just flicking through the title sequences to nineties cartoons I vaguely remember on YouTube, and realised (remembered?) that my favourite cartoons when I was younger all contained anthro characters. Sure, that might be co-incidence, seeing as cartoons and anthropomorphism are best buddies...
  5. Furcade

    How furry does it need to be?

    To classify a fictional work as "furry", do you need to simply have anthro characters or does it require a greater emphasis on the anthropomorphic aspect? I mean, I've started writing my first furry short story (having written lots of stories previously), and I'm having a hard time making it...
  6. Furcade


    Well, hi. I've forgotten why I'm here already. I think it was something about the only furry I'm acquainted with telling me that I don't participate in the furry community enough, and a non-furry friend telling me that I don't do enough passing communication with strangers. I have no idea how...