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  1. Sulfur

    SSX Time

    Here's to a Great Experience in Alpine, Snow coated slopes of SSX. /)^3^(\
  2. Sulfur

    Wishful Remakes?

    Any games you really wish would be remade or brought back to life? I really wish they would remake Starfox for current consoles with Moar aircraft related missions as well as bringing a Killer Instinct 3 into existance..need more UltraCombos.
  3. Sulfur

    Game disapointment?

    Ever been disappointed in a game you hoped would be cool or fun to play? I haveI loved mario party but when I played Mario Party 4...I stopped playing it since.Most recently, Dead Island...After 1 playthrough I got bored, and after witnessing how people cheated with leveling to 50 or having...
  4. Sulfur

    DR2: Off the Record (360)

    Looking for furs who have this game and need assistance with achievements and/or co-op missions. I get declined from joining others and no ones comes to mine on sandbox mode. Could use the help and help each other. GT: WolfxLycan