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  1. Matt

    Batman's one weakness!

    I always thought his one weakness was bankruptcy.
  2. Matt

    Strangest thing you've purchased recently?

    I bought nothing recently. Yeah, being broke sucks. But I did help my friend buy fake wood tiles which we installed into the floors of his minivan. Oh wait. I bought a bootleg ipod touch from china that didn't work. So I'm waiting for a refund.
  3. Matt

    Furry Anime

    if there's one thing I learned from reading 12 pages of posts at once is that you people love to talk out of your ass. There's nothing else of interest. So if you just showed up and didn't read all those other pages, save yourself the time.
  4. Matt

    Fursuiting at school?

    I have a cheap wolf mask I made that I wore to school this past Halloween. It got pretty good reception. People were asking how I made it, and they were blown away how I got the mouth to move. It's also part of the reason how I figured out my friend was the biggest closet fur...
  5. Matt

    I need a furry CD for my car

    Sidewinder by Avenged Sevenfold
  6. Matt

    Is this real?

    no, because that's what I thought of. =/
  7. Matt

    Is this real?

    damn, my stomach hurts now. and I've seen some seriously sick twisted shit before.
  8. Matt


    I have a small diamond shaped indent in the center of my forehead that looks like someone took a sharpened spoon and dug some skin out. I have no idea where I got it, but I had it for as long as I could remember. Maybe I fell down some stairs when I was 2.
  9. Matt

    Assisted Suicide.

    The hard part is determining if it's 'assisted' suicide, or just murder.
  10. Matt

    Do you think the fandom is going mainstream?

    It was kinda getting out there at one point. Now it's old news and nobody really cares anymore.
  11. Matt

    Poll Pole

    Wouldn't it be pole poll?
  12. Matt

    Diseases - dead or alive

    self-diagnosed psychosis.
  13. Matt

    Whats Your Bodyfat Percentage?

    Mine says 1%. My neck and waist meaturements may be inaccurate because I took a yard stick and kinda spun it around my neck. Body Fat1 %Fat Mass1 lbs Lean Mass118 lbs Body Fat CategoryDangerously Low
  14. Matt

    What ever happened to Dave Chappelle?

    Oh. Idunno, he's probably in Africa.
  15. Matt


    I can dig it.
  16. Matt

    What ever happened to Dave Chappelle?

    Actually, Comedy Central just showed a standup act featuring Dave Chappelle and Dane Cook like 2 hours ago.
  17. Matt

    Poll: How many pillows do you sleep with?

    I sleep with 2, but both are flat as hell. So it's more like one.
  18. Matt

    Animals... Being attracted?

    Stray cats like me, and so do some pet cats. There are some peoples cats that absolutely hate me. Most dogs come over to me, but some are afraid.
  19. Matt

    Who Here Has Accents?

    Does anyone here have a Wiscaaansin accent?