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  1. crookedteeth

    Opening Up For Cheap Commissions! (starting at $5)

    Hey all, I've been on hiatus for a little bit due to IRL work life, but I find myself with free time, and could use a little extra cash after holiday shopping, lol. So I'm offering some super cheap commissions. Here's the price list: Rough Sketches: $5 Line Art: $10 Gray Shading: $15...
  2. crookedteeth

    Doing cheap sketch and line work commissions $10-20

    Hey all, I've decided to open up for some commissions. I can do $10 sketches like so: as well as line work for $20: Prices are per character. I can do sfw and nsfw (within reason. You can ask what you want and I'll let you know if I'm okay with drawing it) I'm opening up for about 5...
  3. crookedteeth

    [CLOSED]Bored. Opening sketch requests

    Hey all, Like the title says, I'm bored and can't seem to get myself to draw stuff, so I'm offering to do some free sketch work. Its' going to be rough drawings, like line-work, maybe a little shading (i doubt it though) I'll pretty much just go as far as I feel like with them :) Also, I'll do...
  4. crookedteeth

    Trying to get my name out there, so FREE SKETCHES

    Hey y'all! I'm trying to get more involved with the furry art community and get my name among the masses, so to do that, I thought I'd do a couple of free sketches and/or art trades. It's good practice for me and free art for you. EVERYONE WINS! I'm up to drawing just about anything including...