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  1. fizzypopfox

    Fox Yarn Tail for Sale

    No longer for sale
  2. fizzypopfox

    Is there a name for the mouth tail critters?

    I know that there are no rules and anything goes with character creating, but I've seen several examples of characters with big fluffy tails with their own fangy mouths. I think they look neat and was wondering if they have a name, a history, etcetera. Thoughts?
  3. fizzypopfox

    Who all is stoked for the Legend of Korra premier tonight?

    The answer should be everyone, because this season looks hella cool. We finally get to see more of the Avatarverse than Republic City and the poles. Spirits errywhere! Etcetera! For discussion's sake, what are your hopes and dreams for this season? I'm looking forward to (hopefully) more...
  4. fizzypopfox


    Hiya furfriends. I'm Fizz and I guess I should properly introduce myself. I'm a 22 year old biology student in America's most mitten-shaped state. My passions include craft beer, cartoons, arts 'n crafts, and general nerdery. I've enjoyed "anthro" art since I was a young little bugger, but...
  5. fizzypopfox

    Mah Furs

    Name: Fizz Age: Looks 22 Sex: Female Orientation: Pansexual Species: Succubus fox Height: 5’4 Weight: 190 lbs Appearance: A “curvy” red fox with succubus features - namely two black horns, a forked black tongue, black and blue webbed wings, and cloven hooves in lieu of hindpaws...