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  1. Arkolyte

    Any Furries Play MMOs?

    I play WoW. My main is my Night Alf warrior Arkolyte on Dark Iron and my favorite alt is my Tauren DK Unicora on Shandris.
  2. Arkolyte

    Revealing my furry side to my sister

    They probably see you meeting people at something such as E3 like seeing an old buddy in a store, where-as meeting furries at a convention would be like meeting your old bus driver at an orgy. XP
  3. Arkolyte

    Revealing my furry side to my sister

    My parents didn't care "as long as I'm happy." They even let me hang furry porn on my walls. Yeah....I still live with em....
  4. Arkolyte

    Netbooks, here to stay or passing fad?

    Yeah, the idea is here to stay. I fricken hate those things so much. The idea is kinda cool, but yeah, the production ones so crappy and slow they seem to be made of cheap tissues. They didn't even use Kleenex!
  5. Arkolyte

    Win Xp conspiracy going on here? =>_>=

    Yeah, it doesn't work in Vista. :<
  6. Arkolyte

    furry games Rock!!!!

    Yeah, I was gonna say. I think the only reason there were so many more Morrowind mods is the added graphics aren't as demanding to make fit into the game. Plus, it's been out way longer. I really should stop playing Oblivion and WoW and go outside and, like, mow the lawn or something, but...
  7. Arkolyte

    furry games Rock!!!!

    Huh, I'm surprised I missed Starfox, myself. That game was so awesome!
  8. Arkolyte

    Furs By Species (Idea Taken Fron Zaaz)

    Arkolyte is teh Clydesdale Stallion
  9. Arkolyte

    furry games Rock!!!!

    I'm surprised that nobody mentioned Conker's Bad Fur Day. But yeah, no one that I am aware of has ever made a video game targeted at furry gamers or furries in general, at least not on a professional level, and most all of the privately made games are some sort of porn.
  10. Arkolyte

    LOL, Furry Precentages

    Yeah, this is true, but I think they're talking about the people who just say "I'm a wolf 'cuz those are cool." and leave it at that. Personally, I think wolves and foxes are generally (emphasis on generally) considered either cuter or more badass than other animals, and of course there are...
  11. Arkolyte

    Don't call 911 about a burger

    So, until they're dead then? Sounds like a plan to me.
  12. Arkolyte

    What's the weirdest thing you had for breakfast?

    For me, cheerios covered with ranch dressing and hot sauce. (It tasted horrible.)
  13. Arkolyte

    Hitting transexuals?

    I say just don't hit anyone in sensitive areas, male or female. If they have breasts, don't hit the breasts. If they have balls, don't hit the balls. If they have tentacles, run away. Simple trigonometry.
  14. Arkolyte

    And you thought our porn was bad...

    It's probably bad that I could get off to everything listed. XD
  15. Arkolyte


    Awww ya beat me to it.
  16. Arkolyte


  17. Arkolyte

    Trogdor Server Shipped

    Hrm, yes quite. XD
  18. Arkolyte

    Trogdor Server Shipped

    This is why I build my own computers. My buddy bought a Dell and it was broken when he got it. They immediately sent him a replacement and it works fine most of the time, but randomly blue screens and it has always run slower than my 1992 IBM. The sad thing is that Dell used to kick ass...
  19. Arkolyte

    Taking Sketch Requests

    Aww sweet! Thanks a bunch man!
  20. Arkolyte

    Unboxing the Hardware, Pt 1 - The HDs

    LOL. My buddy's Windows ME actually had about that many errors open at one time once... Love the top error. Too many errors ftw!