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  1. WolfyLion

    Hiring: I need more Telegram Stickers! Budget: 100$

    Hello. Your crazy wolf Lion hybrid here. I need more telegram stickers. Looking at a budget of 100$ I have some stickers already. Which can be seen here: Add sticker set wolfyLion on Telegram I am open to most sticker ideas. Some Ideas I like: A Sticker showing fangs "gonna bite you" type...
  2. WolfyLion

    FeralxAnthro BDSM Themed piece NSFW

    Budget: 20-100+ I am always willing to pay more money for better quality. Theme: Large Feral dominating a smaller anthro. (size play?) Picturing the feral on top of the back of the anthro tugging on the leash with his large fangy muzzle. Details: The Theme is just an idea. I love giving...
  3. WolfyLion

    $100 Budget- BDSM Theme Art

    Been awhile since I've played in the black market. I am looking to commission at least one piece, possibly more. I will give you artistic freedom, with the restrictions of it involving my mate, and I, and it must be BDSM Themed. I would really like a piece involving biting, possibly blood...
  4. WolfyLion

    Seeking Concept Art

    I am looking to get some speed paints/sketches/etc as concept art. Right now my fursona tends to lean more towards wolf then lion. I am looking to get some concept art that I may use to make a new Ref sheet. Right now I say my fursona is Wolf|--|------|Lion What I would like to see is...
  5. WolfyLion

    In need of con badge(s)!

    I'm going to Further Confusion 2012 in January and I'm in need of some con badges! I haven't decided how many I will get yet.... It will just depend how many interest me. You can reply to this thread, note me, or PM me with details. I have nothing specific in mind, I like giving artist...