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  1. Houshou

    critique wanted

    Been doodling recently quite a bit and was hoping someone could give me an honest critique about where I stand and how I can improve.
  2. Houshou

    Just a little help to get me started

    I myself have written many fan-fics, and I'm looking to write another. I was working on one several months ago and posted a few chapters up. But it got...boring. Though recently, I had the bug reach out and bite me, quite hard this time. To the point where I didn't just start writing every thing...
  3. Houshou

    (`n.n) Heyo!

    Ok, so..Hi everyone. I feel a quick little squib about myself should be in order. First up, I like to write/type. As you'll find out.I only just recently joine dthe Furry Fandom. I went to FWA 08 and met some great furre's. They helped me find my Fursona, and for that I am very grateful to them...