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  1. Firehazard

    We should remove the AIM field

    I just found out that AIM is shutting down in a month. Like, literally all together. So there's point in still having a place to put your screenname in your profile. I know you guys are reasonably diligent about adding new fields to the contacts thing so it must be pretty easy to modify.
  2. Firehazard

    Trends in furry character designs

    I made a journal post about this recently, but I guess people don't pay attention to those anymore so I'll see if I can get any bites here. Way back in 2009, I created a character who was meant to be a mashup of as many common tropes in furry character design as I could find to create the...
  3. Firehazard

    The coroner from "Psych" has a thing for fursuits, it seems

    Is making threads about references to furries in TV shows still a thing? Well, if they keep making the references we'll keep making the threads, I guess! This one must have slipped completely under the radar, because I couldn't find any other mention of it even though it aired over a month...
  4. Firehazard

    "Primary" username that takes precedence over the legacy one

    OK, we know about people keep asking if there's any way to change their screennames on the mainsite, because they want to change what they're known as. It happens to all of us. We outgrow old nicknames, find new ones, replace our fursonas, whatever. But due to some horrible database design...
  5. Firehazard

    We can add Chrome to the list of browsers that don't like our gallery system

    You might recall me mentioning Internet Explorer 8 has a thing where it refuses to go back to a gallery page using the back button without popping up an error screen and an "Are you sure you want to re-submit this form?" alert. Well, Google Chrome does it too. As of when, I don't know; I've only...
  6. Firehazard

    Mass keyword update tool

    So the keyword system was implemented a whole year ago, but I suspect the vast majority of users have never bothered to go back and re-keyword their old submissions. Why? Because it's absurdly tedious, for one thing! So here's my suggestion: a tool in the control panel that just lists all your...
  7. Firehazard

    Clamp the width of comments

    Me again! I'm wondering how easy this would be to do; I assume it's a simple HTML/CSS change. Can we make it so that the comments area of submissions is constrained to a certain width, like say 640px wide or so, set to hide any overflow? Right now overly-long text (like retards posting...
  8. Firehazard

    spaces in keywords!

    I think there needs to be a way for multi-word phrases to be stored as keywords. Either by changing the separator character to a semicolon (which would probably require shutting down the site for about an hour to run a script on the database) or by allowing the keyword to be enclosed in...
  9. Firehazard

    Where do aborted submissions go?

    Just curious. When someone goes to submit something, and gets as far as uploading the file before deciding "...nah" and closing the tab/going somewhere else, what happens to the file? Does it stay archived forever, or are files that never made it into the users' galleries purged after a certain...
  10. Firehazard

    Disable all communication with banned users

    Due to the scope of this, this is probably an implement-in-Ferrox feature. I've noticed that when users are banned, others often take advantage of this and spam their shoutboxes. This is a bannable offense in itself, but I'm pertty sure the admins don't lurk constantly on every banned user's...
  11. Firehazard

    Joke feature: FA Achievements!

    No, this isn't a serious suggestion. It's "just for fun." You know, like most of the discussions in The Den, only it's about FurAffinity in particular. (Now there's a novel idea, eh?) Achievements. Also known as "Trophies" for you PS3 owners, or "Achievables" if you like quoting Red vs...
  12. Firehazard

    Bug report: Page width fixed at [window size] + 8

    For some reason, the submission view page is always slightly wider than my window (8 pixels, by my estimate), regardless of what's in it or what size I make the window. Just thought Yak might want to know this; it looks like a CSS bug of some kind.
  13. Firehazard

    Suggestion Forum Cleanup!

    This subforum is the main place users have to voice their ideas to the administration, so we need a way to keep it more orderly. The problems we have right now are: We keep getting a lot of the same suggestions over and over again, mainly for things that the administration has already nixed...
  14. Firehazard

    Journal titles in title bar

    Pretty much what it says on the tin. I'd like pages for specific journal entries to have the journal's title in the browser title bar, just like we do for submissions. Makes it easier if I want to go back to an entry I saw recently just by typing parts of its title into Firefox's address bar...
  15. Firehazard

    Interaction recall

    Supposing there's this one user that I vaguely remember either commented on one of my works at some point, or faved one, or something, and I want to track down where. I can currently go into individual submissions and look at who commented and even who faved now (thanks for that, by the way!)...
  16. Firehazard

    Now that we're getting Search...

    I recently asked about our impending conversion to a tags-only organization system. The answer was that at some point before Ferrox launches, the old flat lists we use to classify submissions (Category, Theme, Species, Gender) will be automatically converted into tags. So it got me to...
  17. Firehazard

    Could we please make links more obvious?

    Right now all hyperlinks just display as plain-colored bold text. The result, which I have seen several times now, is that people have no idea that a certain bit of inline text is a link and don't bother clicking it. At least once they've replied in confusion and I had to tell them the bold...
  18. Firehazard

    Favicon missing

    So, are we waiting on a new and improved one (as per another recent thread), or did it just go AWOL on us?
  19. Firehazard

    It's about time the Wiki got some attention.

    The Wiki is currently our only Help/FAQ section, and it is in dire need of some additions. More than half the links on its main page are to articles that haven't been started yet. At the same time, I've noticed a lot of threads here from people asking the same questions that have been asked...
  20. Firehazard

    Thoughts on graphic design, and a logo

    I was thinking back to what Eevee said during the Ferrox design discussion, about needing some kind of motif that gives us a consistent identity throughout the site. And I realized, finally, that we don't actually have a logo of any kind. Maybe that's part of the problem. While user-created...