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  1. RoqsWolf

    Sexual Orientation Fluidity in Monogamous Relationships

    Being in a relationship for a good year, I've learned a lot of things about myself and how I react towards certain things. I found my homosexuality really slowly and comfortably, calling myself bisexual at first (Nobody wants to think of themselves as a "faggot" right off the bat). As time...
  2. RoqsWolf

    I think this fandom made me more Normal then I was before...Reverse furry affect?

    Well basicly, before i got into this lil mess about a year ago I was moody and didn't really have a character for myself, i was just there. But yeah, when I got into the fandom I met abunch of furs and opened up to people for like the first time. It was sort of a rehabilitation X3. I learned...
  3. RoqsWolf

    What on earth is a furcode :V

    Well I've been in this whole fandom for a year now and still don't know what a fur code is and how it's derived. Anyone care to explain? To lazy to check the vast world of google. -Thanks X3
  4. RoqsWolf

    Furry made me hate Sonic

    When I was young I used to love the Sonic games, but ever since I've found this fandom (Darn Rule 34 :O) I kind of hate him. I also think why people like his character design so much! It just looks so distorted. Maybe It's just his games have sucked ever since '05 but I digress. So has the...
  5. RoqsWolf

    I finnaly developed my fursona

    Name: Roqs Age: 14 Sex: Male Species: Navy Wolf Height: 5'5" Weight: 137 lbs. Appearance: - Hair and fur: Fur ranging from light navy to dark navy blue; has brown hair that falls down into bangs if applied to water - Markings: Occasionaly may wear false tear marks. - Eye color: Hazel-Brown -...
  6. RoqsWolf

    I can has critique?

    Well, I really haven't gotten much advice, art wise in the 4 months I've been around here. I'm going to start drawing some more art more often so that's why I want some advice so I can make the art better. I want some critiques with my gallery but if you don't have the time to see it all, then...
  7. RoqsWolf

    Paw gloves?

    I was thinking of making some paw gloves to wear on halloween and don't know were to start. Also on a side note, I've got very limited access to materials and have no experience with crafts and such. Also, I don't want the paws to be to fuzzy, I'm more interested in having a paw print under the...
  8. RoqsWolf

    How does furry compare to other subcultures?

    The title says it all basicly; How does the fandom compare in numbers, cons and publicity compared to other fandoms? Also statistical numbers would be greatly apreciated :cool:
  9. RoqsWolf


    I've ben playing a rhythm game on the computer through a majority of the summer called osu. It's alot of fun and it's played like the games Elite Beat Agents And the Ouendan series. The game has a pretty big online community with rankings, multiplayer and user levels. You can create your own...
  10. RoqsWolf

    Drawing muzzles going "Right at You"

    I really need to learn how to draw muzzles facing at the viewer. I'm seeking a tutorial on how to draw such thing.
  11. RoqsWolf

    Any South Floridian SKunks?

    Ahh well yesterday I think I saw a fellow furry in my school. This is probably the first furry I've seen thats bout my age in public. I saw someone with a book bag that had like a hoodie like thing atached to the top that had skunk ears and a skunk streak...
  12. RoqsWolf

    Countries banning the furry fandom

    Well France recently banned burgas and it got me thinking... Wouldn't it be possible for a non democratic country to ban the fandom? I belive the fandom is more controversial then burgas soit is a possibiliy. PLus the yiff, bestiality, you get the idea. SO what do you think would happen if...
  13. RoqsWolf

    Aproaching suspected furries in public

    Ah, I've come across the instance many times in were I see someone in public that I don't know and that look like there furries (I saw one person with ears in Seattle) I'm wondering how I should aproach these potential furs that I don't know. Any hints and tips?
  14. RoqsWolf

    Is MIke Dirnt (Green Day BAssists) A furry?

    OK,well today i went to a green day concert in my area and it was great, here was one thing I noticed though, MIke Dirnrit wear a pink bunny fursuit during pre-show, and then like later during the concert, all the memebers got like random clothes articles and put them on for like 3 songs. Mike...
  15. RoqsWolf


    I have abunch of trouble drawing clothes.. Any tutorials on how to draw stuff like open jackets or just Regular clothes? Also any on want to like show some examples in clothing that's your favorite?
  16. RoqsWolf

    Today was the 20th anniversary of the Mother series

    The Earth bound and Mother series turns 20 today :D I love these games alot. THere one of my fasvorite nintendo series and probably my fave RPG Series. Anyone else here know bout the mother and earthbound series?MOst of you probably no some of the characters from SUper smash brothers.... I drew...
  17. RoqsWolf

    What if there was a civalization of furries?

    What if there was a civalization that consisted of people who are only furries (Not anthros but the people who are into the fandom) Would you join the civalization? How do you think normal people would think about it? What would it consist of? I wouldn't join the society. And I bet the...
  18. RoqsWolf

    Any one interested in Coloring some of my Art for free?

    ALot of my artwork is in black and white cause I never bothered coloring it. I am realy bad at coloring so I was wondering if any of you would be willing to color any of my pictures digitaly or with stff like color pencils for free. I'd realy apreciate it. You can choose to color which ever you...
  19. RoqsWolf

    Bleis the Wolf Live Blog TV Show

    Just wanted to say, a semi well know fur is on blog tv is back after a lil hiatus so be sure to visit him ;D Heres a link http://www.blogtv.com/People/Bleis01 THe show is basicly about Bleis playing music live and talking about fur stuff ALso does any one else know about this show and what do...
  20. RoqsWolf

    Ughhh Right headphone having problems... AGAIN

    Ok, I seem to have a problem in which headphones just hate me... I've gone through like 4 pairs of headphones in 8 months. And now the new headphones I got about a month ago are having problems :/ the right ear bud is having problems emmiting sound if the cable is moved slighlty (Im sure most of...