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  1. DrawWithLaura

    In Need of Help - Mental Illness

    I have been reaching out for help-but have been put on waiting lists. And this is a very immediate problem, even EI won't help because you need to be unemployed for a while before you can apply. It's fine if you don't agree, I don't like it either but I feel like I'm out of options v -v Whether...
  2. DrawWithLaura

    In Need of Help - Mental Illness

    I'm so sorry to hear this, knowing what I do about what I'm dealing with has given me a whole new respect for people dealing with similar issues. It always perplexes me, when things are SO bad for me, but others have a worse disorder-how do they even do it? You are stronger then I, and I'm glad...
  3. DrawWithLaura

    In Need of Help - Mental Illness

    No problem, I understand-sharing/reblogging always helps too! c:
  4. DrawWithLaura

    In Need of Help - Mental Illness

    Aye... sorry to hear that. I hope they get out of that rut unscathed soon.
  5. DrawWithLaura

    In Need of Help - Mental Illness

    Hey, thanks so much for this-I really appreciate it <3 We are living together yes, for a few years now. It's been really tough, and it's no secret I'm a huge contributor to our financial situation (between being unable to work, and my massive debt) and he has ALWAYS been supportive of me...
  6. DrawWithLaura

    In Need of Help - Mental Illness

    Oh wow, not used to the forums. It made my post look really weird.. EDIT: There, that's a lot better.
  7. DrawWithLaura

    In Need of Help - Mental Illness

    I was GOING to make a journal about this, but it looks like FA is going to be down for ??? So I'm making this thread because I desperately need help and there's no way to know if FA will be back up in time? Maybe I'm just panicking. But anyways; Long story short, I have abusive parents, mental...
  8. DrawWithLaura

    Game Creators

    Wish I could..
  9. DrawWithLaura

    Does anyone else NOT have a fursona?

    I consider myself a part of the furry community, but not I'm not actually a furry myself ahaa. I recently made a sona (my avatar <-- ) and she is furry, but not sure if she'd count as a fursona . ^. anyways, this was after 6 years of being in the community, so maybe you'll have one later? Or...
  10. DrawWithLaura

    You wake up in bed with the Avatar or user above you

    Looks like I found a new snuggle buddy <3
  11. DrawWithLaura

    5/17 Site Attack

    "Other information such as journals, notes, passwords, and personal information was not affected."
  12. DrawWithLaura

    Two pieces of art from two different artists!

    Hey guys, I'm new here, but I thought I'd promote an awesome auction where you get two different digital paintings of your character c: one piece from SUMii and one from DrawWithLaura The art is full color semi realism! All the information (including examples of work) are here...