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  1. Mort3l

    Cheap YCH - scenery

    The quality of the finished product will be similar to this : BUY HERE >> www.furaffinity.net: Encounter - YCH [ OPEN ] by Mort3l <<
  2. Mort3l

    Animated YCH OPEN

    GO THERE TO BID AND TO VIEW THE ANIMATION i cant upload the animation here so here's the thumbnail:
  3. Mort3l

    Cheap Animated YCH - OPEN

    !! VIEW IT HERE !! The quality of the finished product will be similar to this - Starting bid: 45USD (this is for both, bidding isnt separated) Auction ends 12th April
  4. Mort3l

    YCH cute kisses

    sent me a note on my FA if you want it !
  5. Mort3l

    COMMISSION - Flat colored for 20$

    10$ for aditional character Example: Can draw ANYTHING from sfw to nsfw! Contact me on my FA
  6. Mort3l

    Commission OPEN $12 to $40

    What can I draw? - animals - humans - furries/anthros - sexual themes, nsfw stuff in general - gore/guro - any genders, any species What I can't draw? - machines - vehicles - mechas - complex backgrounds Payment: * I only accept payment through paypal and all payments are in USD * I start...
  7. Mort3l

    Cheap icon 15$

    Cheap icon for only 15$ Note me on my FA if you want one Userpage of mort3l -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  8. Mort3l

    What kind of YCH are you looking for?

    I was wondering what kind of YCH people were looking for? Being a YCH artist, I usually do smut and gore YCH but i was wondering what other kind of YCH do you guys like?