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  1. Kayote

    5 Dollar...thingerz

    BUMPED DOWN TO $3 a PIECE. $7 gets you three :3 I need to buy a few things this week like supper for bryan's promotion, and a new tshirt for him :3 If ya'll could help me out, that would be great. I'm just so proud of him and I want to do something special for him <3 WHAT THE HELL AM I...
  2. Kayote

    Arm thingies. x3

    I have the paws already for my partial, but I cannot find anything on the arm...thingies, to where I can wear a short-sleeved shirt. :C Could someone point me to a site that can help me with that.
  3. Kayote

    -rolls in-

    Grah. I've finally joined this forum. :| Took me long enough, but I did it. Applaud, plzkthnx. Anyway, my name is Kayote, and it's nice to find a place that isn't going to rip your face off for saying "Yeah, I'm a coyote furry". Or maybe you will, but...without me looking >:U So yeah, hope...