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  1. HuskyLover101

    If FA went down and didn't come back...

    Inkbunny is where I'd go
  2. HuskyLover101

    All the younger furs?

    I blame Zootopia! Lol
  3. HuskyLover101

    Cute thread

  4. HuskyLover101

    Fictional crushes

    The bae of all baes, Angel from LATT2!
  5. HuskyLover101

    Am I the only one who thinks some species are overpriced/overrated?

    Used to be foxes for me, but now it's hyenas in that spot! Overrated and the edgy-ness associated with them is annoying. Every fur who thinks they're somehow edgy has a hyena 'sona, guaranteed! Plus so many of them call themselves "queens" which I can't stand. You ain't royalty, stfu and sit...
  6. HuskyLover101

    What is the dumbest law you've ever seen?

    The only sex position allowed in my home state (Montana) is missionary! Not sure how they enforce that, but... Know I'm a felon-to-be for sure if they figure out how many times I've broken it! XD
  7. HuskyLover101

    Cute thread

  8. HuskyLover101

    Am I the only furry in the world that HATES Zootopia?

    It's an alright film but nothing groundbreaking. The character development is poor, especially Nick and I find Judy very annoying most of the time. The villain wasn't that phenomenal either and easily predictable, and I knew who it was the very instant she said "it's a good day for us little...
  9. HuskyLover101

    Am I the only furry in the world that HATES Zootopia?

    I'm really starting to think so. To say I'm annoyed with the fandom's obsession over it is an understatement! Am I the only one?
  10. HuskyLover101

    What Are You Scared of?

    Yep! The one in Vegas. Had a replica Grand Staircase and a few artifacts from the ship.
  11. HuskyLover101

    Weird hobbies

    I'm an avid ATV riding enthusiast, been doing it for 20 years and it's my most favorite thing to do. Even more so than this fandom, I'll take a day riding over going to a convention any day! Even though I've never been to a con, but nothing compares for me. It's a true liberating freedom, it's...
  12. HuskyLover101

    Japan's Fat Shaming vs American's Fat Acceptance

    The real problem lies with all the crap food we have and modern amenities like TV, video games, computers, phones, etc. I mean, back in the 40's and earlier, for example, you didn't have McDonald's and Taco Bell on every third corner, nor did you have electronic gadgets to get lazy on. People in...
  13. HuskyLover101

    What Are You Scared of?

    Same here! I find them oddly satisfying and fascinating. I'd love to dive to the Titanic and see it but that costs a shit ton of money that I don't have so it'll never happen. That ship's just a few years away from being a pile of rust on the ocean floor, anyway. The rust bacteria are consuming...
  14. HuskyLover101

    What Are You Scared of?

    Nothing in particular bothers me anymore. I've been exposed to so many fucked up things in my life that nothing really phases me. I've been deployed overseas and have seen and done things I hope to God nobody here in the States (or anywhere else, for that matter) has to witness or do. I'm no...
  15. HuskyLover101

    Who else rooted for the Cats in "Cats & Dogs?"

    Back when it came out, dogs, but nowadays I root for the cats since I can't stand dogs in RL anymore. The sequel portrayed the cats as less evil because one of the main characters was a cat who operated on a similar underground mission as the dogs to protect their humans from the evil cats! Lol
  16. HuskyLover101

    What's your job?

    Class 8 truck driver.
  17. HuskyLover101

    Amazing stuff you could do as a kid (but can't do today)

    Having an endless supply of energy. My analogy says that we use up 80-90% of all our energy as kids and have to make the rest last the rest of our lives!
  18. HuskyLover101

    I hate dogs in RL but love fictional ones?

    We aren't because it's not up to me. My mate's fed up with them too but she'd rather keep them. They'd go to good homes, it's not like we'd just pick some random person.
  19. HuskyLover101

    How do you beat the summer heat with no air conditioner?

    I have a large fan next to my chair and it does the job nicely. I also open up all the windows at night and place the fan in one of them to circulate cool air through the house. It can be inconvenient, but I hate winter so bad that I can't be too harsh on summer! I'd take the heat over cold...
  20. HuskyLover101

    I hate dogs in RL but love fictional ones?

    Am I one of the only people like this? I honestly used to love dogs when I was a kid but after reaching adulthood I've fallen completely out of love with them. I still love fictional ones, though! Anyone else like this for any specific animal? I'm more preferential to cats and rabbits for pets...