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  1. One-eyedCat

    If You Could Wish for Something, What Would You Wish for?

    Id wish that i didnt need sleep. So much time is lost to sleep.
  2. One-eyedCat


    The face of this catto.
  3. One-eyedCat

    Megaplex Friends!

    Im going, but alas i havnt finished making me suit. So im just going to wander and probably get lost. Its my first year at megaplex. I have friends there. But they got their own plans. Lol
  4. One-eyedCat

    What's your job?

    Im a manager of a publix bakery. Just got promoted. I was the head baker. No more getting up at 2 am for work.
  5. One-eyedCat

    Open Chat

    Who is all going to be at megaplex today?
  6. One-eyedCat

    Do You Have A Partner?

    Funny how i just saw this the day after my boyfriend broke up with me. Lol. So living the single life again.
  7. One-eyedCat

    What Are You Scared of?

    I fear only to be forgotten.
  8. One-eyedCat

    anyone got a xbox one?

    I play overwatch, minecraft, fortnite if i got a full party, and many others.
  9. One-eyedCat

    The user above you pushes a button, what does it do?

    Reveals a bigger button.
  10. One-eyedCat

    anyone got a xbox one?

  11. One-eyedCat

    Do you use a "Furry" Facebook?

    Thats weird. I have like seven that i forgot the password to but are still up. Lol
  12. One-eyedCat

    Do you use a "Furry" Facebook?

    I have a facebook. But i havnt really used it in years. Its just there. I mean im constantly showing furry related things to my coworkers so id probably post alot on facebook if i used it.
  13. One-eyedCat

    Megaplex 2018 anyone?

    Yup. By then ill be more prepared then this year. Kind of lost alot of spending money for there due to unexpected expenses.
  14. One-eyedCat

    Megaplex 2018 anyone?

    I wont be in suit. In the middle of making mine and wont have head done in time for megaplex sadly.
  15. One-eyedCat

    Done anything fun today? Or done something that made you feel good?

    I went on a date with a really nice guy. Twas alot of fun.
  16. One-eyedCat

    Megaplex 2018 anyone?

    I think tampa is still relatively close still and they have a good sized fur group. Lakeland might have a fur group too, but im not sure. Either way im sure youll make lots of friend's at megaplex.
  17. One-eyedCat

    Megaplex 2018 anyone?

    You would be surprised how many furs are out there. I mean i never went to a convention but i made a fur friend who introduced me to the ocala furs now i got lots of fur friends.
  18. One-eyedCat

    Done anything fun today? Or done something that made you feel good?

    Im going to the ocala fur game night gathering. Havnt yet but will be fun.
  19. One-eyedCat

    Looking for NITW style animated image

    I happen to have a friends birthday comming up and im trying to get something made for him but having trouble finding what im looking for. Im looking to have get his sona made in Night in the woods style art animated like gregs wiggly arms. Ya know like a gif image. My price range is under 100...
  20. One-eyedCat

    Done anything fun today? Or done something that made you feel good?

    I played overwatch all night killing it and now im working on no sleep. Thats fun right?