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  1. Varjo Ritari

    Custom Minecraft Skins

    Hey, Just chucking it out there. Im offering my services to provide custom made Minecraft skins. Price depends on complication. Ive made, Isaac Clarke - Dead Space 1, Isaac Clarke - Dead Space 2, N7 Armour - Mass Effect Buizel - Pokemon...
  2. Varjo Ritari

    (Sort of) German Shepherd Tail for Sale! Ship anywhere!

    Hello All!! I have here, a 2-3ft sort of german shepherd tail for sale, it hasnt even been used. (Didnt have time to goto any meets) Its made From DF fur and is super soft and cuddly. I got this tail for £30 or $50? An i am going to sell this tail for £30 or $50 ONO Please PM me if...
  3. Varjo Ritari

    Looking for an Artist, with alot of time

    So, ive recently changed the look of my fursona, name, species, the lot Im looking for, Conbadges, Avatars, and references. Got any examples, please show Oh, and His new name is Benz, he is a german shepherd
  4. Varjo Ritari

    Feet Paws, Cheap Pref

    Hey. I was wondering if anyone here can do just Feetpaws, not huge ones for fursuits, but more like...slipper socks? Slippers but with a bit to pull up. Well...sorta like Fursuit feetpaws, but not huge, like humanized hehe I dont mind if someone is looking for someone to practice on...
  5. Varjo Ritari

    Ref Sheets, anyone do em?

    Hey All! Im looking for someone to do a ref sheet for a friend of mine, his 'sona is a wolf but he has like, Tabby (White base, purple & Chocolate markings) If thats possible, can anyone quote me, and ill PM them if i accept it Oh, and examples please ;) EDIT: I Have found a...
  6. Varjo Ritari

    Requesting a quote for cuffs.

    Hello, Im looking for someone who can make cuffs for a 9" wrist, plus adjustable strap, to be made from black leather and be a double, so base is 2" wide, and outer strap, 1" wide. Thanks very much.
  7. Varjo Ritari

    looking for custom collars and cuffs!

    Looking for someone who can either sell me a premade collar/cuff or, custom make me one. Collar, Non Leather, 19" (with adjustable buckle) and 2" wide. Cuff, Leather, 9" (with adjustable buckle) and 4" wide. Im willing to be used as a test commission, and will report back how i feel...
  8. Varjo Ritari

    Team Fortress 2 Player models.

    So, The other day, i downloaded the scout fox skin But, it looks so damn ugly! The turquoise in its tail and ears are horrible and the hands are not right. Is they're anyone here with the ability to take away the turquoise. and change the hand color to something more foxish? If this...
  9. Varjo Ritari


    So, the first real thing i was gonna do when i get a new car next year + license was to go on a road trip around Europe. And i was thinking about places to go, So like, does anyone know any great places i could go?! Or prehaps, a get together? Anyone!?
  10. Varjo Ritari

    Furries in on the Island.

    So, ive noticed alot around here that there are ALOT of furries, but ive mostly seem them come from the Eastern seaboards (The US canada etc) And so, i come here today to ask anyone from the UK, were abouts they live, I personally live in Cambridgeshire, in the Huntingdon area, and i...
  11. Varjo Ritari

    Best Way to learn guitar.

    Right, where do i start. Well, Ive got myself an electric guitar, hoping to one day join a furry band for furcon, also id like to learn as a new hobby. And im struggling to read tabs, and am not getting them, so here is my question, what is the best way, to learn and play the guitar with...
  12. Varjo Ritari


    Basically, Looking for someone who can make a wolf hat, with the ears and stuff. need more info? please PM me. could do with a cheap deal, seeing as i lost my job to some old guy D: and ive not got alot of money left. I wanted one for my girlfriend.
  13. Varjo Ritari


    Just wondering, If anyone is willing to have me as part of their friends list Im not one to just go and add people. If you wish to add me, please, go ahead (thecorpral369) I would like to have more Furry friends ;)
  14. Varjo Ritari

    Looking for a crafter.

    looking for someone who makes bracelets I Was wondering if anyone here makes bracelets? I wouldn't mind a Grey, black one If anyone can do this Please contact me via PM Pay pal, seems to be the only way i can pay Thanks :D
  15. Varjo Ritari

    Furry Decorations.

    So, i was thinking. Anyone know were i could find furry Christmas decorations? I was thinking of getting a furry Santa to put up. But i cant find any >< Shop or Internet. Wouldn't mind some. Haha If anyone has links, please comment :)
  16. Varjo Ritari

    Whats it like?

    So, all this discussion about conventions, and im stumped to knowing what they are and what you do. would anyone be kind enough as to enlighten me as to what you do at conventions? I was thinking about going to one around 2012 or 2011
  17. Varjo Ritari

    Something im considering.

    I was just thinking. Prehaps, i should look at getting fursuit, or prehaps a partial but im not sure, if anyone has got any advice would be great :D Thanks :)
  18. Varjo Ritari

    Looking for an Artist.

    Hey There, All you Furry artists I was just looking for someone who can make a picture for a forum avatar such as a head shot and a full body sketch up Thanks, Varjo ;)
  19. Varjo Ritari

    Hello furry friends :)

    Hello, My name is Josh Furry name: Varjo Ritari (Shadow Knight in finnish) I like gaming on steam (thecorpral369 if you wish to add me) and on the xbox (HMS Hell Knight) I am new to the furry world. Alternative, and Indie are my favourite types of music. Well, thats me :) hope...