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  1. AniyaSliverwood

    Kick'n it old sckool

    alright everyone, let's see what you can come up with. T.V. shows, movies, toys, books, whatever What old skool stuff you can remember. Even stuff that others don't know still put it. 1.) The original rainbow bright 2.) noozels (the koala show no one probably know it) 3.) David the knom 4.)...
  2. AniyaSliverwood

    Did you vote in the US presidential election of 2008?

    I hate politics and they both suck so I refuse to vote unless there is someone who I feel strongly about
  3. AniyaSliverwood

    Fursona's main color?

    red, black, Fushun pink, bright purple and hunter green
  4. AniyaSliverwood


    I forgot about that, very true. I whole heartedly agree,
  5. AniyaSliverwood


    The LA dodgers no offense are fake, Brooklyn owned them first and now I have to stick with the Yankees not that I'm complaining about the Yankees.... I was in a junior Olympic swim team at the community park, I was just wondering if when you swam you have to do The 100 I AM?
  6. AniyaSliverwood


    that sound really kool, I used to love doing cartwheels although I wasn't very good at them
  7. AniyaSliverwood

    Amuse me with your idiocy.

    To shy it's annoying
  8. AniyaSliverwood

    Amuse me with your idiocy.

    Idiocy- I'm probably the shyest person you will ever meet
  9. AniyaSliverwood

    Average Intelligence of Off-Topic posters poll

    when it comes to some proper wording in a writing situation
  10. AniyaSliverwood


    Do you like the San Diego Chargers?
  11. AniyaSliverwood


    I'm glad you are on my side :)
  12. AniyaSliverwood

    Goodbye for now!

    that sucks well get off on good behavior lol
  13. AniyaSliverwood


    hi and welcome how are you?
  14. AniyaSliverwood

    I'm Archemedes Rex

    hi am welcome and tell you wife I want some grilled cheese lol *tosses a glass of milk*
  15. AniyaSliverwood


    YES!!!! 35 to 14 YAY!
  16. AniyaSliverwood

    What Did You do for Halloween?

    i went as a Black fox and went trick or treated with my friends, it was really funny watching all the "adults" see me and my friends at their door, I was a fox, my friend was a cat and my other friend was Dorthy from the wizard of oz... yeah weird combo
  17. AniyaSliverwood


    Do any of you bet on the games?
  18. AniyaSliverwood

    Amuse me with your idiocy.

    gap a do man eot v
  19. AniyaSliverwood

    Just out of curiosity....

    lol, The only thing I really have a problem with in regards to ANY religion is that everyone thinks their right and in doing so, even if unintentional, in some way pushes it onto others, but even that I don't really mind as long as when I say "I'm not interested or I want to drop the subject"...
  20. AniyaSliverwood

    Amuse me with your idiocy.

    *smirks* ok * unknowingly the Sexy black/wolffox switched the gun for an apple pie* ha ha ha