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  1. HuskyLover101

    Am I the only furry in the world that HATES Zootopia?

    I'm really starting to think so. To say I'm annoyed with the fandom's obsession over it is an understatement! Am I the only one?
  2. HuskyLover101

    I hate dogs in RL but love fictional ones?

    Am I one of the only people like this? I honestly used to love dogs when I was a kid but after reaching adulthood I've fallen completely out of love with them. I still love fictional ones, though! Anyone else like this for any specific animal? I'm more preferential to cats and rabbits for pets...
  3. HuskyLover101

    Account Problem: Uploading a GIF avatar?

    Forgive me, I'm not very tech savvy so bear with me here, oh, and btw I'm new to the forum! Been on the site for some time now, but never on the forums so, hi!! :D So, I see a lot of GIF avatars on users' profiles and I'd like to know the steps of uploading, resizing and making one work? I'm...