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  1. Darkwatch

    Darkwatch! Care to help me out artists?

    Hey ladies and gents, I would really like to have a better artist than myself give a go at drawing my character to start up a consistent look that I can use for good. Here's a picture I drew of more feral-ish neck style or whatever; http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3686458/ Here's a...
  2. Darkwatch

    Darkwatch - new markings

    Hey guys. I'd like to see someone draw my character with some new markings I added as seen at these links.http://www.furaffinity.net/view/4589403/ http://www.furaffinity.net/view/4589297/ Would be cool if someone could draw Darkwatch like this for me but preferably dressed like this...
  3. Darkwatch

    Darkwatch request

    Heyo, me again. I'm still looking for a good drawing of my character with more normal features. Not so big and feral looking. If anyone is up to the challenge I'd be more than grateful. Thanks guys. Here's a few refs of my character and a few for how my head looks Character...
  4. Darkwatch

    Anyone want to draw Darkwatch?

    Hey guys, just putting it out there. If anyone wants to draw Darkwatch for practice or whatever I'd be grateful. ^^ Most art of Darkwatch is big and without clothes (no genitals, though), so I was wondering how someone would draw him as a normal anthro, maybe with a neat coat or something...
  5. Darkwatch

    Art request

    Hey guys. I've been drawing more references of my character and would like to see some other artists put something together. Perhaps anthro or feral. ^ ^ Most of my gallery is full of references. Darkwatch is a biologically evolved Polar Bear that I created. © Still thinking of a name for...
  6. Darkwatch

    Draw my bear please? :D

    Hey FA! I just drew up my very own "Fursona" last night and would love to see where other artists take it. I'm not a good artist at all since I just started doodling three days ago in GIMP, but I think it turned out good enough as a start for reference. Also note, Darkwatch is a...