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  1. Psynapse

    Someone draw this character I keep seeing!!

    There's this panther...A black androgynous panther, with rainbow rings on the tail, near the tip. Final Fantasy-style hair. Somebody please draw this, I need to find out where I know hir from...
  2. Psynapse

    What's been the hardest thing about being a furry?

    *hugs back* *snf* The jerk... PS: I don't. Not anymore. Cut that tie pretty fast. I forgot to mention he gets in my face, pushing me to the ground, bragging about the animals he killed and how I wasn't gonna get to screw them AND THEN I just lost it. I stood back up, brushed off and started...
  3. Psynapse

    XBox 360 Live gamers

    CALLSIGN Lycan, bro.
  4. Psynapse

    are furries nice or mean?

    I would say 'depends on who you ask' but that horse has been beaten to death in the 1st page. "I may not agree with what you have to say but I will defend to the death your right to say it."-What I use when dealing with assholes in the fandom.Also,"You're a furry too bro. You've no right to hate."
  5. Psynapse

    What Are Your Top 5 Boss Battle Tracks?

    Forgot that my line break doesn't work.Another honorable mention-Everyone from Bayonetta
  6. Psynapse

    What Are Your Top 5 Boss Battle Tracks?

    1-Zant: Twilight Princess2-Orochi- Okami3-Meta Ridley- Metroid Prime 3: Corruption (Norion)4-(don't know if it counts) Enderdragon- Minecraft (composed by DJ Ganymede but never used. I played it during the Enderdragon though.)5-Team Galactic- Pokemon: Diamond and PearlHonorable Mention- Temple-...
  7. Psynapse

    What is the single most painful injury you've had happen to you?

    Stabbing neuralgia. I get it at the worst times, and it fucks up the target area for days to come. One time, I went snowboarding on a makeshift hill, landed wrong and screwed up my back. After Mom put some Voltaren on it and it faded BOOM neuralgia in my legs and I thought FUUUUUUCK!!!!1Q
  8. Psynapse

    Would digitgrade legs work on an anthro?

    Another example of who made it work: www.deadbeatgods.com
  9. Psynapse

    What's been the hardest thing about being a furry?

    Everyone.One day, I walk into my friend's house. His cousin-- a close friend of mine mind you-- comes up, sees me, and says "Hey, it's the furfag!"You can imagine the betrayal there.So since then I've told 2 people.
  10. Psynapse

    do you wear a collar, and why or why not?

    *brofist*don't care that I'm femaleAnyway, I had made one inspired by the webcomic Prydwen, after Mage Tristan's collar.Don't know why, it just calms me somewhat. I intend on buying one, maybe 'get my dog one' then use it when MY dear mother (who doesn't know yet) isn't looking (i.e put it on on...
  11. Psynapse

    Who was your first furry character crush?

    The original Star Wolf, won't lie.Then it was Fox when he lost the head-thing. Now I'm not-so-secretly-anymore crushing on Dust from Dust:An Elysian Tail, coming out in a couple days for XBLA.
  12. Psynapse

    Formfitting fursuits: possibilities, limits, problems, etc.

    Agreed! Someone's in danger of having 2 wolves cuddling wit u
  13. Psynapse

    Formfitting fursuits: possibilities, limits, problems, etc.

    Being bisexual I am 100% allowed to say this:OMAIGOSHEHATTranslation: Oh my god, she's hot!How many fortunes did that thing cost? I want one. And t'hell with it. Get me a male one too.OMG awesome pattern idea...
  14. Psynapse

    Hi, um, assuming you're still alive, is it possible I could get that furry tf mp3 you posted...

    Hi, um, assuming you're still alive, is it possible I could get that furry tf mp3 you posted about in '09 [wow that thread is necro now, isn't it?] sent to sweetgeneral1234@gmail.com?I'm really into that sorta thing and I hope it can work on me!Thanks, Psy
  15. Psynapse

    Not cool, guys...

    ...oh. Well... uh... derp. Thanks.
  16. Psynapse

    Not cool, guys...

    Not really, it won't be. But AaronChar [you may know him as AzureBlueWorld] didn't deserve his ban. I didn't mean the 'twit' part, though. That was exaggerated.
  17. Psynapse

    Not cool, guys...

    Ban evading is creating a new account after the previous one got banned. Banned, you twits! AaronChar had his first account closed by his request out of embarrassment from his mistakes! So some derp goes telling you guys he's ban-evading, and you don't even check to see if he was 'banned' in the...