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  1. Firehazard

    how to ACTUALLY hide NSFW content?

    It's probably been removed, honestly. A ton of people have closed out their accounts over the years, for various reasons. Some of them took it as a cue to disappear from the internet entirely, but the rest mostly moved to Tumblr... and then Twitter... and no doubt they'll be heading somewhere...
  2. Firehazard

    how to ACTUALLY hide NSFW content?

    The problem with "SFW" mode is that it's blatantly misnamed. The only criteria for using the Mature or Adult tags is "Would this literally get you arrested for sex crimes if you showed it to someone under 18 in the USA?" Back when the site was new I don't think the concept of "safe/unsafe for...
  3. Firehazard

    Patreon "only" accounts

    I'm totally on board with artists never letting anyone see their art for free again (if incredulous that it'll work out for them in the long run). But FurAffinity is not for those kinds of people, any more than it's for posting reaction images and screenshots of your frag videos. And we already...
  4. Firehazard

    Is there a way to filter out content with certain keywords?

    Nope! FA was designed with maximum inconvenience in mind! Enjoy your stay.
  5. Firehazard

    A question about Flash, HTML5 and WebM support.

    MP4 files can get pretty massive, though. If we're comparing, like, the size of a given episode of Homestar Runner, the Flash version is still less than half the size of the YouTube copy. Stuff like that is why pretty much all video content on the Internet is hosted on YouTube now. It's just not...
  6. Firehazard

    What does shell of choice mean??

    Because DeviantArt (which started as a site for posting skins for stuff like Media Player, Winamp, and various Linux desktop managers) had it and FurAffinity's original creators just copied their interface byte for byte without knowing or caring what anything was for.
  7. Firehazard

    We should remove the AIM field

    I just found out that AIM is shutting down in a month. Like, literally all together. So there's point in still having a place to put your screenname in your profile. I know you guys are reasonably diligent about adding new fields to the contacts thing so it must be pretty easy to modify.
  8. Firehazard

    I think we have reached the lowest level

    Well, that just sounds inappropro.
  9. Firehazard

    Trends in furry character designs

    That does sound familiar but I can't think of any specific examples. Got any handy? One specific thing I have noticed popping up is those double-wristband tattoos, one thin and one thick and usually on both wrists. Like the ones Keovi's fursona has. Anyone know if that has, like, cultural...
  10. Firehazard

    Trends in furry character designs

    I made a journal post about this recently, but I guess people don't pay attention to those anymore so I'll see if I can get any bites here. Way back in 2009, I created a character who was meant to be a mashup of as many common tropes in furry character design as I could find to create the...
  11. Firehazard

    The coroner from "Psych" has a thing for fursuits, it seems

    Is making threads about references to furries in TV shows still a thing? Well, if they keep making the references we'll keep making the threads, I guess! This one must have slipped completely under the radar, because I couldn't find any other mention of it even though it aired over a month...
  12. Firehazard

    Summer Update + UI Status

    I'm not an expert, but I think a few tweaks to the database handling code and a run-once script to import the database data into a new database with additional fields would do the trick. They'll need to do that to make some of the other planned changes anyway, like the mature filter which I...
  13. Firehazard

    FA version 3.0

  14. Firehazard

    mature content?

    That would be a pretty stupid bot. I mean, more than usual.
  15. Firehazard

    Screen Shots and Sandbox Games

    Heck, I can tell him right now what he can do: Install a mod that disables the HUD (crosshair and quick-access bar), and crop the screenshot to just the viewscreen. If he already did both of those, and that really was an original creation, then yes this was a misapplication of the rules and he...
  16. Firehazard


    I propose a simple solution to that: Rename the journals "News" and make a rule that it is to be used for art-related posts only, not as a substitute LiveJournal. Then banhammer anyone who doesn't listen.
  17. Firehazard

    Ban on anthro x human?

    Cross-posting journals using copypaste! What could go wrong? Also lulz @ Inkbunny apparently having a rule against that.
  18. Firehazard

    Hide gallery from blocked users and vise versa.

    Well, take heart. One day the government will mandate that all computers be able to recognize their user through constant fingerprint and retinal scanning, and that every website link their registration system with their central database, so every site will always know who's using them at all...
  19. Firehazard

    "Streaming" Submissions

    What exactly does it actually do? What people really need is a way to send some kind of real-time alert to the people who are following them. Preferably through some kind of app that everyone already has, and preferably from some feature built into the streaming service's site. The next best...
  20. Firehazard


    First off: ED doesn't go around cataloging every single person who uses FA. They're not that obsessed, nor that eager to waste time better spent reposting stupid memes on /b/ and jacking off. The only people who ever wind up on there are the ones who did something to piss off friends...