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    Why is fa down? (click for information...)

    And I can understand that problem. People will always abuse galleries with scrap just to fill their galleries in an attempt to gain more page views by having more art posted. Too often online galleries are one big popularity contest rather than a means to get feedback and connect with other...
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    Why is fa down? (click for information...)

    Actually Keto, I think you've made an excellent point. Places like yerf are good for new comers as well as furries who try to avoid the yiff art scene. I, personally, was never a big fan of yiff art (just a personal preference), but I respect it's being able to be drawn because it's a matter of...
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    Account Importing From Old FA [Updated]

    I agree. If they got everything up and running again, old data included, that would be fantastic. However, I wouldn't throw a fit if I had to start from scratch again. I had a deceant amount of files, and some artists I watched, but if the site was up again I don't mind shuffling around again...
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    FA Avatar Sizes

    I voted 100x100, but I think any size over 50x50 is fine. I don't mind 50x50 so much, but it is very difficult to make a quality icon with that sizing (with the exception of those blessed with talent in pixel-art). Let's face it, avatars can be very important in getting a glimpse at an artist...
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    FA's New Mascot, Fender

    Mutley did a fantastic interpretation, I think. Very adorable, and very expressive! I still don't understand all of this drama over one mascot. It is simply that, a mascot. It's not a character or symbol you're being forced to bow before. If you're not fond of him, then ignore him. No one is...
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    FA's New Mascot, Fender

    I really don't see what the big deal is about the mascot. Yes, it's true everyone has a right to their opinion on the matter, but complaining about why you hate it doesn't make it go away. As some of the other posters suggested, if there are anatomy or structural styles about those particular...