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    An Interesting take on the Console Wars

    This is why we can't have nice things.
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    Overrated Games

    You know, there's a lot of amazing games out there that you've never played. there are games that came out before some of you were born and are therefore considered "too old" to enjoy, or are "outdated". While there are MANY games out there that are so underrated it should be a crime to have...
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    Writing an Encyclopedia for a Fantasy world

    Well, I just realized that I could post here, but I'm in the process of writing a 5-volume encyclopedia for a world I'm creating so I can write a series of novels taking place in that world. As it stands, I have the following volumes covered: Biology (species of plant and animal) History...
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    Rock Band and Guitar Hero thread

    Okay, the old thread over on the yiffstar/sofurry games forum died, and I'm DYING to have a decent discussion/debate/argument with someone who's not an uptight music snob or can fullcombo Through the Fire and flames or something. I just want to find someplace to actually discuss these games that...
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    Have your voice Heard! Decide bad Dragon's Next Toy!

    Yes, the Anthro dragoness is still in the works and top priority, but they are working on making sure you have the best possible femtoy they can offer you, so we're opening a vote to see what you, the public, want to see next. we have there ten designs: The Naga The breeder (Smexy dragon...
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    Rock Band Vs Guitar Hero

    We all know I like Rock Band (and a lesser extent, Guitar Hero) so I ask all of you, what do you prefer, why, and what arguments would you bring to a table supporting what one you like better. I have a bunch of writeups about this, but as it stands, I'll let you guys go wild for a bit before...