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  1. Aryeonos

    Give to me the Cyrillic acronyms

    yes the acronyms they are important. If someone finds the sight I would be as dandy as a lion... or maybe a interstellar omnipotent teddy bear.
  2. Aryeonos

    Scientific Explanation help

    Isn't bleach just electrolyzed saline water?
  3. Aryeonos

    What's the stpuidist thing you've ever done when drunk?

    I don't drink I win!? But I've hurt myself with extreme motor skill failures before.
  4. Aryeonos

    Foreign languages?

    Learning japanese and whatnot, but none to great at it. the whole "Rosetta stone is fast and easy" is total bull, you still need an instructor when it comes to a completely different language with no roots to your own.
  5. Aryeonos

    Give to me the Cyrillic acronyms

    I need them, I found a couple good lists on wikipedia, but these are for united states marine core and government acronyms and slang. Not so helpful for my book with mostly russian peoples in it. If anyone has a list or an online dictionary of some sort for world -russian especially- acronyms...
  6. Aryeonos

    Read This Slowly...

    Man I was hoping there would be a hidden message in it and a questionnaire at the end. And besides the cop should be happy; her daughter got to heaven allot quicker than he did.
  7. Aryeonos

    Which Fetish is Best?!

    Why'd you pic all the crappy ones?
  8. Aryeonos

    Allergy Season

    Natural honey with the combs in it is the best...*mmmm* Delicious. Come to think of it I think I did recently acquire some local clover honey... What was it... I saw some nasal spray on the television yesterday... was it zyrtec? I thought it was prescription though. How do they name those...
  9. Aryeonos

    Allergy Season

    I'll try it, but the drowsiness is what gets me. I don't mind sneezing, but in the allergy season I sneeze my self into a stupor, then I lie in the grass and develop horrible plaguing itchiness. Can you get Zyrtec without a prescription?
  10. Aryeonos

    Allergy Season

    Oh how much I hates it, even though I got good at sneezing. I tried the, spoon full of honey makes the allergy demons go away, thing; it didn't work- probably because it wasn't local honey and I'm out of local honey. Clariton isn't working at all anymore, and I'm allergic to some antihistamines...
  11. Aryeonos

    Being mistaken for the wrong gender

    Until I was... 16 or so, this happened to me all the time. I still have a barely pronounced adams apple so unless people pay attention they usualy don't get it. Usually if some one just says miss/mam/female connotation, without thinking I don't bother to correct them. It's when they go up to me...
  12. Aryeonos

    Spankings... yay or nay?

    I find that is a good second to last resort idea. I won't work if used in excess like lots of things but when a child is rely out of hand, not listening, and has their own idea who is boss, then sure a couple smacks on the behind works. But when used way to often it can rely F*** a child up...
  13. Aryeonos

    America vs Russia

    the emp is not sufficient to sustain a black out though, and fallout would prevent infantry and mechanized divisions from advancing for up to 48 hours, enough time for evacuations and countermeasures to be placed, though these would be hasty..
  14. Aryeonos

    America vs Russia

    I say russia only because that's what happens in my book but the inner russian circle rapidly conducts underground construction of inter stellar space craft and leaves the majority of it's populace behind. America gets destroyed mostly by the chinese, in their endeavor for world domination. But...
  15. Aryeonos

    Creating a new nation

    I just wrote this whole rely long thing but I accidentally pushed alt+left thinking this was like word, now everything is gone...I cry, and will write about my socialist revolution tomorrow.
  16. Aryeonos

    Post Your Desktop

    and wog
  17. Aryeonos

    Post Your Desktop

  18. Aryeonos

    What browser do you use

    Oh HO! Yeah I knew it was more complicated, but the first time I was interneting was in 95 with a 95 with AOL so, just a wee bit after 1969. I still dunno how to work it, I got no UNIX, or any clue for that matter. So how do I go about compiling/running it?
  19. Aryeonos

    Doctors vs Gunowners...

    What kind of flesh and how you going to "eat" it? Back to the issue please, I WANNA DEBATE! OOOOH YEAAAAH!!!
  20. Aryeonos

    Did all my threads just get locked?

    I thought I sent you a PM, stop making these threads, unless you got something serious to say.