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  1. Aryeonos

    Give to me the Cyrillic acronyms

    I need them, I found a couple good lists on wikipedia, but these are for united states marine core and government acronyms and slang. Not so helpful for my book with mostly russian peoples in it. If anyone has a list or an online dictionary of some sort for world -russian especially- acronyms...
  2. Aryeonos

    Allergy Season

    Oh how much I hates it, even though I got good at sneezing. I tried the, spoon full of honey makes the allergy demons go away, thing; it didn't work- probably because it wasn't local honey and I'm out of local honey. Clariton isn't working at all anymore, and I'm allergic to some antihistamines...
  3. Aryeonos

    Formfitting and dangerous! or just form fitting.. Now with 100% more glove questions!

    Let's pretend heat stroke is not an issue, I've had it; its fun, rely. Could I make a fur suit out of neoprene? Or, an equally form fitting material? I, post here... never so gimme some slack, if it isn't to much trouble. the other part is I wanna make some good, thick, paw gloves-cheetah...
  4. Aryeonos

    RAM for my Sims, my 2 sims

    Okay, So I've got... five or so EP's but, I've also got so many downloads and mods and stuff, that I can't load past selecting a family it just stops there. I wan't to buy more rams, but I also think I might just get a new Motha board, so I canz havez some more than 1GB of rams. Any suggestions...
  5. Aryeonos

    What color is your coffee?

    I LIKE COFFEE so MUCH, I'ma make a thread about it. How do you like your coffee good sir/Ma'am?
  6. Aryeonos

    Wii, blue slot of doomnation. Tell your friends!

    Ok, so I was wii-mailing my insignificant other with the wii one night...morning, and he sends a reply. Well upon receiving a reply my wii froze, and continues to freeze every time it picks up this message, mocking me with it's glowing blue slot! Anyone know how fix it?
  7. Aryeonos

    Bounty artist

    Oh, sure I could draw something for myself, but, I'd rather draw someone elses Idea. I'm in a drawing slump, now I'll get better later. So, bring forth your ideas and you shall be rewarded horribly. Note: I sketch, but do not ink or colour, you'll have to find someone else for that, or...
  8. Aryeonos

    Videos across the, place.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJLcMr4CMBA http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/435202 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HYzgQUTgpXs OMG THATS AAAAAWSOOOOMEEE! Yeah!
  9. Aryeonos

    Russian Robot

    Originaly posted in critiques, got no attention, people seem pretty literate here. Book is Sci-Fi, if you liked I, Robot by Isaac Asimov then you should not only understand this story O mine you should like it. This story doesn't involve furries, its just a Sci-Fi novel, any feedback would...
  10. Aryeonos

    Russian Robot

    I thought I would ask for some feedback for this story, its always good to publicise! The story is about Yuri Hayora, or thats what they think it is, Yuri couldn't care less! It should be noted that it has nothing to do with furries, so don't complain to me about it, This is a sci-fi story and...
  11. Aryeonos

    Electrons, scientists wanted

    K so I'm writting a story, about sci-fi stuff. My main character is Yuri, because its russian and japanese, or something, I couldent rely think of a better name. His main weapon is an electron gun, which in a vacuum as far as I know, can atomize, gasousize, and something else messy. But I want...
  12. Aryeonos

    Why did I do this again?

    For some off reason I feel obligated to do this...okay there we go now every one knows me, or doesnt. Lalalalalala WAFFLES lallalalalal. Where would I post a... not at all, short story, thats unrelated to furries? or am I even aloud to think non furry thoughts here, probably, but with a...