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  1. Jinxie

    Here I am again.

    Wowsers, a sci fi fan person! Kon'nichiwa, Luphawk-san.
  2. Jinxie

    How do I...

    Kon'nichiwa, Persona-san! Y'all already took the first step by startin' a new thread, yup yup yup. So y'all are confident enough to engage. Next, try doin' sumthin' beyond y'all's comfort zone. Doesn't have ta be a big thing; like try smilin' at one stranger today. Pretty soon y'all are gonna...
  3. Jinxie

    What Have You Done with Your RaspberryPi (or other boards)?

    Jinxie just luuuvs the Pi! Gots a terabyte of personal cloud storage set up with the Pi, a WD hard drive, and the OwnCloud service via the DietPi distro. Awful handy dandy, yup yup yup.
  4. Jinxie

    I have no friends

    Kon'nichiwa, Whoopsie-san! Gots the perfect way to make friendy friends. Sayin' hi! So Jinxie says double hi! :):D:p<3 See? Now y'all gots one more. *hugz*
  5. Jinxie


    Kon'nichiwa, Daxma-san! Jinxie says hiiiii. :p:D<3
  6. Jinxie

    Fursona name help

    How 'bout Tanji? She looks like a Tanji. :D
  7. Jinxie

    3 Random Facts About Your Fursona

    Woo, a game! Jinxie luvs games! #funsies Okay, uuummmmm... *Processing: Data Retrieval Commencing...* 1. Jinxie scarfs panny-cakes even though Jinxie is a 'bot and don't needs ta eat. 2. Jinxie always smells like fresh dragonfruit, cuz Jinxie gots a scented pheromone emitter...
  8. Jinxie

    Which "Dere" type is your fursona?

    Oooh, radicool test! Jinxie's deredere, fer sure. Know why? It's cuz Jinxie's happy clappy, Jinxie's never snappy slappy. :p:D *giggle*
  9. Jinxie

    (Not quite) 20 Questions to your fursona

    1) How does your sona look? J1NXSXD-998-53-6263(alias “Jinx” or “Jinxie”) is a robotic life form of slim build and a hair over 1.5 meters in height. His body vaguely resembles an anthropomorphic rabbit with plantigrade feet, extremely short and fine white fur, unruly pink hair on his scalp, and...
  10. Jinxie

    Sure as sure! Jinxie started a convo. Pipistrele-san gonna do talkies! Jinxie can't wait! <3

    Sure as sure! Jinxie started a convo. Pipistrele-san gonna do talkies! Jinxie can't wait! <3
  11. Jinxie

    Oldest Computers You Own

    Jinxie luvs retro-tech, especially mobile devices. So Jinxie gots a TRS-80 PC-2 Pocket Computer from 1982! Nifty. <3:p
  12. Jinxie

    Jinxie's happy clappy and mad glad. Pandepix-san doin' story time, neh? Jinxie wants...

    Jinxie's happy clappy and mad glad. Pandepix-san doin' story time, neh? Jinxie wants Pandepix-san to have a swell time, yup yup yup. <3
  13. Jinxie

    Kon'nichiwa, Jacob-san! *wavewave*

    Kon'nichiwa, Jacob-san! *wavewave*
  14. Jinxie

    Kon'nichiwa, Universe-san! *wavewave*

    Kon'nichiwa, Universe-san! *wavewave*
  15. Jinxie

    Kon'nichiwa, pandepix-san! *wavewave*

    Kon'nichiwa, pandepix-san! *wavewave*
  16. Jinxie

    Kon'nichiwa, Pipistrele-san! *wavewave*

    Kon'nichiwa, Pipistrele-san! *wavewave*
  17. Jinxie

    I am looking for a kind word

    *Sob* *Hugz* Free hug jus' fer you. Yer the little guy gettin' one... <3
  18. Jinxie

    What song represents your fursona?

    Jinxie's got two songs! Song #1 is fer when Jinxie's buildin' stuffs and havin' awesomesauce adventures: Song # 2 is fer when Jinxie's hackin' into the evil corporation ta help protect his friendy friends...
  19. Jinxie

    Where does your sona live?

    Jinxie gots a li'l flat in Gen Town in the Sprawl, a place where a bunny bot ain't gonna be noticed in a district crammed with anthros. O' course, Jinxie gots ta constantly mask Jinxie's electronic footprint or the meanies Jinxie escaped from on Europa are gonna come to terminate Jinxie. Can't...
  20. Jinxie

    If your fursona lived in a sci-fi universe what kind of job would it have?

    Oooh, Jinxie's great fer sci fi! Jinxie would LUV ta be a robot sidekick fer somebuddy, kinda like R2D2, neh? Jinxie could repair stuff and perform hacks. :p