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  1. Jinxie

    Hey, It's National Military Appreciaton Month! Got any Stories?

    Hiya hiya! Didja know about May bein' the official month ta support yer troops? At least in the US... Here's a true story why this month is so radicool: Jinxie knows a fer real soldier who was in Iraq. He was a medevac chopper pilot! And one day he flew a little girl ta the hospital. The...
  2. Jinxie

    Jinxie's Voice?

    Heya, happy peepsies! Jinxie gots a question... If y'all are one o' Jinxie's friendy friends or ya seen Jinxie's stuffs on FA (Artwork Gallery for j1nx_synth -- Fur Affinity [dot] net then ya probably know sumthin' by now. Jinxie luvs ta jawjack all cutesy-like. Yup yup yup! But if ya met...
  3. Jinxie

    //Exclamation// Hiya, all you happy Peepsies!

    Hiya hiya! J1nx here. Y'all can call me Jinxie or just Jinx. Nice ta meetcha! Kinda new here, though Jinxie's been lurkin' fer a while. In fact, kinda new to the whole furry thing too... See, Jinxie's fursona is a synthetic that sorta-kinda resembles a bunny. Hope that ain't too weird for ya...