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  1. Storok

    The Screenshot Thread!

    I am sure lot's of us play video games. So why not post some Screenshots and tell us a little bit about them?
  2. Storok

    Strange addictions...

    Is there something you are strangely addicted to? For example I am strangely addicted to Slinkys they are so satisfying. But not the plastic ones just the metal ones
  3. Storok

    How does it feel to be small?

    Me myself I am a tall guy and most people around me are a bit smaller then me and then I was asking myself... how does it feel for a small person to be surrounded by taller people... Or do you have any stories about something realted to this topic?
  4. Storok

    What was the first thing you heared about this fandom

    the first thing I heard about this fandom was that it is a pile of sick fucks having sex in animal costumes...
  5. Storok

    Storok's YouTube Channel

    so... As some of you might know or not... I have a YouTube Channel... I am Trying to do some good War Thunder Videos and so on but I need Some feedback on what to do better and so on... The thing With the Audio in the first 3 seconds... I have no Idea why but i promise it gets better So here...
  6. Storok

    What's your favourite font family? And why!

    Mine is Impact Because... It looks great it has not too much space between the letters and it is incredibly easy to read on any screen This image shows Impact... not fat though impat in fat looks even more awesome
  7. Storok

    Spambot-Programmers... Death||Torture?

    We know about spambots one thread is filled with the opinion to kill them but wouldnt be torture a better idea? This is just for fun i actually dont want anyone to get killed or tortured.
  8. Storok

    Is there not a way to autokick/ban theese spambots

    There has to be a way to Auto-Remove Spambots! Because all spambots are using a simmilar way of appearing: →Korean/chineese/japaneese language →Repeating posts in theyr own thread →Every post contains a link If you would have a Bot that can find that out and remove the Spambots by removing...
  9. Storok

    German Humor (Read OP)

    So there is "Dark Humor", "Black Humor", and "Humor defined by someone who thinks he/she has Humor" But what about the "German Humor", in my mind it exists but many people tend to put it into "Black Humor" This needs to stop! "Auschwitz jokes" and other "Euthanasia-programm Jokes" have to be...
  10. Storok

    Can you "Overgay" a comic

    I've read the first 70 pages of "Fur Piled" I think it is to gay... To be honest i have no problems with gay people but isnt there a point where it is time to stop? Like i dont say "i go to a straight party and have a straight straightness thing tonight and tomorrow i go shoping with my...
  11. Storok

    Whats the most relaxing song in your mind?

    Here's the one I think is most relaxing
  12. Storok

    I am a week in Budapest... Any Sights ??

    I will be a week in Budapest any recommended locations there ???
  13. Storok

    Your Opinion on Churches

    So there are many different opinions on churches and religion... Lets discuss them here But remember that relligion is a presonal choice and noone is right or wrong with it as long as its not taking away someone elses self determination Also Its about "Churches" the place where you go to do...
  14. Storok

    To all from the "Too Sinister" Thread from the fursona discussion !!

    Is it ok if i quote your stuff in tomorrows Video? would be verry nice to get a yes from all of you just write yes and make it short
  15. Storok

    Furry Cringe YouTube Videos!!!

    Yes guys you heared it! After I saw many videos about cringey Furrys or stuff that has to do with them on YouTube I decided to make my own commentarys on the worst of them all! I hope you can support me with it and help me Improve. These Videos are for the purpose of fun and jokes not to...
  16. Storok

    How much Horse-Meat should my Lasagna at least contain?

    I love Lasagne especially when there is this "Horsey" touch to it. so to not overdo it i started this poll so you can give me great advide. who votes for less than 5% knows it doesnt mean 0% :) Argument for your vote!
  17. Storok

    Your choice My Fursona !

    I made 2 charaters both are lovey and I like them so I need someone else to decide which I will go with. please argument for your choice! you can find em on FA just search for Storok :v
  18. Storok

    How to talk to depressed people?

    I have some kind of problem... with myself, Allways if I see some depression post here I would really like to give the person a better feeling but I feel uncomfortable and so I dont really do it. I think I might hurt the Persons feelings. Any advice from anyone?
  19. Storok

    Any War Thunder Furs here?

    I am getting bored and I am looking for someone to play War Thunder with... And yes it seems like I have too much free time. This might be the wrong place but anyways. I play all tiers at all countrys. Feel free to add me on Steam: Steam Community :: Storok
  20. Storok

    Hi I'm New to all of this

    My name Is Storok, I somehow ended up here because I was reading A Webcomic by Jay Naylor called "Better Days" it somehow amazed me and I was like oh there must be other people who do something similar maybe even better Anyways i am not into this furry porn stuff i somehow think it is wrong but...