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  1. Kahoku

    East coast weather and my birthday.....it doesn't mix

    So the last few years, when my birthday shows up so does bad weather. Last year on the East coast of USA was snow....This year, HI SANDY! ( Hurricane ) But at least this year I have booze with me. Got to love it, oh well.
  2. Kahoku

    Favorites Problem: HELP! I can't find groups?

    Okay on the main site I can't seem to find artists by name, is there a way to just search for the artist? On the main site that is, and what I mean by groups is like I want to but :iconwhatever: things in my headers.
  3. Kahoku

    Life, take the risk

    Well, I recently made some decisions to take more risks in life so then I might gain from them. I know that isn't always beneficial, but I think it's time to do so with this situation. For example, I am leaving this house I am renting a room in and paying for a two bedroom flat with kitchen and...
  4. Kahoku

    The fandom

    Well, about the fandom I thought it was time for me to make a thread about this. (wasn't going to necrobump an old one if there was one, and I apologize I am tired I didn't even look) Do you think that the fandom just attracts younger minds and is sort of a fad? Or does it actually attract...
  5. Kahoku

    I thought I share this

    A message forgotten, and should be heard for future generations. A message from Charlie Chaplin.
  6. Kahoku

    Brainstorming, needs some rain.

    Hey guys, I was wondering how do you brainstorm? I use to do the web-style of brainstorming and linking things together, but I was wondering what method do you use? I ask because I am having trouble composing my thoughts in a brainstorm and then working on them. (I usually make things...
  7. Kahoku


    And the reasons why : - Moving April 8-14, still sort of packed - Going for a promotion that I posted for, and I yet to hear of an interview date. The posting closed on Thursday last week. - Trying to save as much as possible without bleeding money from my damn pores. - going to have to travel...
  8. Kahoku

    Critique please?

    Now, I don't know how many writers are actually out there, but I could use some insight. I haven't written anything in years, and just got back to it, so if you have the time please help me with my drama Lifestyles : http://www.furaffinity.net/view/7627077 I am going to add more action into...
  9. Kahoku

    Kijhavoz - My fursona

    Kahoku - My fursona I saw that someone had posted a bio outline, very thoughtful of them so I thought I use it myself. So here is my Fursona outlined : Name: Kahoku Age: 26 Sex: Male Species: Hybird Tiger/dragon Height: 7'10 Weight: 220 Appearance: - Hair and fur: Red hair, with brown...
  10. Kahoku

    Greetings, I am new here

    Well, First I feel weird being here but here it goes. Hi, I am Jon and I am a scale/furry guy. I like fur suits, and the art myself. I don't have a suit, but would love to make one someday. I honestly don't go out too much, only because I feel like I don't fit in the public. ( also, I better say...