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    The grossest thing that recently happened to you

    couple days ago. I stubbed my foot on the corner of my bed and cracked a big chunk of my toe nail. Despite cleaning it with peroxide. it got infected and the toe nail started to die so I grab a pair of clippers and tried to cut the chunk off. The second I lifted up the toe nail. About 8 inches...
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    Bitten by an animal?

    I've been bitten by dogs, cats, a boa constrictor, an owl, an a goat,
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    What is the stupidest idea that ever ran through your mind

    M80 firecracker baseball... Enough said.
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    Would you rather? (For lonely people)

    I rather have someone put a gun to my head, tell me to burn in hell and kill me. I went my whole life being made fun of for having a learning disability and having troubles being social because of Asperger's. Was told that I was not gonna have a life, Was told that I would not get my diploma...
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    Are you doing ok. I'm very worried about you.

    Are you doing ok. I'm very worried about you.
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    bad restaurant experiences.

    I had some lady at a KFC tell me too get fuck out after some dude came in freaking out. I cussed the manager out and left. Never went back.
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    The dreaded white screen

    Mine is working now.
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    The dreaded white screen

    I have the white page too. At least i'm not the only one with this problem.
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    What's the most horrific thing you've ever seen?

    a shit load of death videos like them faces of death movies
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    was up?

    was up?
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    Decapitated dog head lives on.

    I watched this back in high school. Fucked up
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    Word. All I do is work. I haven't been on the forums in a while

    Word. All I do is work. I haven't been on the forums in a while
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    How you been doing?

    How you been doing?
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    Strangest/Weirdest place you've fallen asleep.

    in the shower. (I was drunk...surprised?)
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    Violence and Justifications

    If someone was trying beat me up then I would knock their ass out. If someone tried to ​kill me or harm any one in my family. That would be the last thing they ever do. I would see to it that they die a slow painful death. I come from a family of rednecks. We can be the best people you ever...
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    Cartoons you used to watch/still watch.

    Family Guy South Park Ren and stimpy Rocko's Modern Life The old looney toons And my all time favorite Beavis and Butthead
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    What do you smell like?

    I smell like a pot head with and overkill of axe body spray
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    If you died right now, what will they find on your computer?

    My hidden folder of furry porn, another folder of normal porn, and My Fa account (with porn on it). I'm gonna spend the last few seconds of life deleting shit.
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    What's Your Poison?

    I like to drink a beer and smoke a bowl every night
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    what's the most Nerdy aka 'Loser-y' thing you own?

    http://www.furaffinity.net/view/9425819/ <--This My whole room is loaded with nerdy things so its hard to pick one.