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  1. fourur

    other discord site like faf?

    does there is a site, or someting like faf for specific discord server invite?
  2. fourur

    New Discord Server kingdom of aris

  3. fourur

    who play the end is nigh?

    I'm so prood I finished it. I can stay tuned to finish a hard game, but starting to draw seem more difficult
  4. fourur

    Can't stop fast food and sugar feeling hopless

    I crave for fast food and sugar things everytime, when the week end is here, after a long week of hard and labour work , I like to please myself with cans and cans of coca cola, and bring my car to the drive thru at mc donald's or kfc. I suffert from depression, and now i'm on medication, I...
  5. fourur

    for furry artists, what if internet never existed?

    I would like to know what you would do if internet never existed ,you probably never hear of the fandom, you never watch art about it, you never , probably make as a hobbie or your job. For artists, you couldn't possibly shared your furry art, what would you do instead? no make art? use comic...
  6. fourur

    I always do hard and shity jobs, i want to give up

    I feel I suck in this life , I see many young people do degree, work hard a have a future, doing a degree they love, having passion, I see many fur doing in, art, IT,computing,or something,and i feel intimided by these people who know what they want, and how to achieve it , to be honest I...
  7. fourur

    Does you feel lonely in the fandom?

    Since I joined the fandom, maybe 2, 3 years , i haven't had the chance to go in a convention, because there rare where I am , and on internet , especially on discord , I think many users are on the platforme just to shitposting, jokes and that all. It's hard to make friends on the internet.
  8. fourur

    can't update image on fa.

    I try to update image on FA but when I finish, I have an no image found, I do it on firefox and google chrome, but it's the same issue, it's about to update the files, or I have a real problem ? I tryed 3 time, but therewere no change .
  9. fourur

    lazyness for too long, that normal?

    I am lazy for like ,10 years about drawing, I was seriously questionned if I have add or something , every time Iwant to go back to drawing I used excuses , because of anxiety,, or " resistance" . Is that normal for a lot of folk or what? what do you think about this?
  10. fourur

    facebook, and furry board art , the same?

    I had facebook, I still had it , but I don't use it anymore, because of anxiety, people who live a better live than you, had this, had that , and this etc . Now I'm ok , but I experience the same user experiment on furaffinity , or other art board , there no arrogant , or " I"m better than you...
  11. fourur

    Does the sentence ' I know ,right? " is rude for you?

    I don't know why, everytime I say something , some respond this sentence , I take it like ' I'm pissed m' k?" or " ok don't bother" it's like I should shut up and don't say anythings . thought I don't say nasty comments or anythings like that , when I congrats artists I like for the work , I...
  12. fourur

    do you have problem with firefox?

    I try to log on faf on firefox but I can't, anyone have this issue?
  13. fourur

    new user ,duck furries or someting.

    hello, I'm not really new, I lurk on the forum but we need to introduce themself , so I'm 24, male , I'm currently unemployed I live in europe. I discovert the furry fandom by accident , I was on a manga imageboard and I see dragon, and then foxes, horses etc. It was on internet , I had 11...