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  1. Leon

    Reporting in in your bath robe

    So, I am a huge fan of mash, I own the Martinis and medicine collection, and it has every season, and the movie. I absolutely love this show, I literally watch it everyday before bed or whenever else I want , the characters, the story, and the difference between seasons may have been too...
  2. Leon

    Oh look, I actually made one.

    Name: Leon (last name N/A) Age: 17 Sex: male Species: lion (Panthera leo) Height: 6’5ft Weight: 190lbs Appearance: Tall lanky, quite slim, broad shoulders, average sized muscles, a somewhat round face, average feet, big hands. - Hair and fur: long silky fur, thick brown and gold mane, and...
  3. Leon


    Why do so many people think that it is horrible, I know at the begining the art is kinda shaky but it gets better, and Dave hopkins is actually a nice guy, but why so much hate for JACK?
  4. Leon

    The more known people on this thread.

    Who are your favorite people on this forum? For me I cant have just one, Zrcalo, Shenzebo, Jellyhurwit, Ratte, Tycho and Szopaw.
  5. Leon


    What are your views? why do some people wait and save it? discuss. edit* Also if you want post if your a virgin or not. and im still a virgin.
  6. Leon

    Looking for some one to draw me my fursona.

    Yes I would like if someone could draw me a fursona somewhat like my avatar but in your own style,color changes whatever. Thanks.
  7. Leon

    A tail.

    I want to get a tail but i dont know what kind or style what colors etc. Any suggestions?
  8. Leon

    Hey im looking for an artist to draw me something.

    Yea im a terrible artist like stick figures are a challenge and I was wondering if some one could draw me a lion. If you need any specific details that idd like just ask.:-D
  9. Leon

    Hey all.I'm new

    :p hey guys and gals im new to the furry world i know very little about it but id like to learn more. Hope you talk to me.