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  1. Savarin_Divin

    Greetings from the Ether

    "Hello every fur, I Savarin contacting you from above" I will be talking to you all as the artist Savarin Olympia Divin is my fursona full name. She is not my first fursona, but that would be a spoiler since I am thinking of making a storybook for Savarin and the world where she exists why...
  2. Savarin_Divin

    Sketchbook: Savarin creations

    Greetings, I haven't been here too long, so I will make a brief introduction. I started my whole art anything furry art. I blame sonic, back when the genesis was cool. Though, my art looked nothing like the sonic artwork ever. One day I just stop right before my middle school years to branch out...
  3. Savarin_Divin

    Savarin's Fine Art Commissions (Closed)

    Hello, Savarin here, contacting souls from beyond the ether... My commissions are now close due to me moving to a new place soon. Thank you all that show interest. ^^ It is time my' lovelies, commissions are open. For those who hear me, I am a traditional artist I've worked from canvas to...