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  1. Ieono

    Which age group do you find the most attractive?

    What age group appeals to you the most? When you seek out romantic/sexual partners, do you have an age preference at all? Does the same age preference apply when you are looking to make friends?
  2. Ieono


    Do you ever dehumanize others? Do you devalue certain people so much that you intentionally ignore their existence? Or perhaps you think of them as trash so that you can treat them poorly without feeling guilty about it? Why do you dehumanize anyone at all? We all judge one another, but do you...
  3. Ieono

    Leather Clothing

    Does anyone here regularly wear leather clothing, such as leather pants and shirts? I have been contemplating making it a part of my own style, and would be interested in hearing your experiences. Not for a sexual purpose, but because it is durable, and offers a certain degree of protection and...
  4. Ieono

    Cardinal Virtues

    What are four traits that you admire more than any others? They can be emotional states, personality traits, habits, whatever. For me, these 4 traits are: 1. Diligence 2. Intelligence 3. Adaptability 4. Curiousity
  5. Ieono


    Do any of you feel good after you see someone else suffer? Do you get a thrill from seeing other people fight, or get beat down? Do you laugh when people lose dismally and completely at something?
  6. Ieono


    What are a few parts of the furry fandom that you don't like, and possibly can't even stomach? They could be things ranging from vore, mpreg, the mindless drama, anything. Perhaps people who like some things you don't could even explain why they like it?
  7. Ieono

    The Future of the Human Race.

    I oftentimes try to imagine what the human race will be like in the distant future, say 500 to 1000 years in the future. Will we colonize other planets, or suffer through some post-apocalyptic drama until society is completely built back up from scratch? It's anyone's guess, but I'm sure it'll...
  8. Ieono

    "All talk."

    Are you the sort of person that talks about all sorts of things they want to do, but never actually does them? Or are you the person who does everything they can to accomplish their goals? Or maybe...you're a bit of both? I tend to talk a lot about things I want to do, and then go do them...
  9. Ieono

    Static vs Dynamic

    How many of you actually have your fursona(s) go through physical and/or mental changes that change their appearance and/or character? I am not referring to "transformation fiction," but a progression or regression of the very nature of your characters. Think of an anime character that always...
  10. Ieono

    Tolerating differences.

    How well do you tolerate the differences of others, whether they be physical, ideological, or emotional? Do you do well with accepting people for having them, or do you keep your distance from them? Are you able to look past their differences and befriend them, or do you actively avoid or...
  11. Ieono

    How furry are you?

    I see all these threads about living a "furry lifestyle" and whatnot. So I was wondering how many of you feel this all-consuming need to be defined as a furry, and how many of you just do this for a bit of fun? You can pick multiple stuff. I'd like to see how many people do what.
  12. Ieono

    Interspecies Interest

    Do many of you find species outside of your fursona's to be just as interesting? Comparatively speaking, do you find other species just as attractive as your own? Not necessarily sexual attraction, more so a general interest and appreciation of them.
  13. Ieono

    Visual Kei

    Anyone else here love Visual Kei as much as me? Especially bands like Laputa, Malice Mizer, and Maschera?
  14. Ieono


    I would like to hear your thoughts on money, and what it means to you. Do you strive to be wealthy, to live a comfortable life? Or perhaps you are perfectly comfortable being frugal, and not relying too heavily on money at all? Even if you aren't doing well financially now, do you have plans to...
  15. Ieono

    Afterlife, anyone?

    I was just wondering what your thoughts on life after death are. Do you believe in an afterlife of any kind, or are you one of the many atheists here that believe in the oblivion of death?
  16. Ieono

    Things that we miss...

    I'm sure everyone has things that they miss. Doesn't it suck when you lose something you treasured, or lose something that you didn't appreciate as much as you should have? I miss being able to run in the morning, and working with other techies all day. I miss the guys that I grew away from...
  17. Ieono

    The meaning of your existence.

    What meaning do you give to your life? What makes you get up and face the day once more? Your "raison d'être," if you will? My ambitious dreams of attaining power and using it to spread my ideals keeps me going. I can't say that some belief in an afterlife motivates me to continue living; a...
  18. Ieono

    Ieono, the fursona with a friggin' long bio.

    Kudos to anyone who actually reads this! (And thanks for the bio template, Arrow Tibbs ) Name: Ieono Age: 100,075 (Physically late-twenties) Sex: Male Species: Ape-Monkey Hybrid Height: 6ft Weight: 150 pounds Behavior and Personality A bit cold and melancholic, Ieono finds it hard to...
  19. Ieono

    Yo ♪

    Hi guys, hope everyone is feeling good! I'm pretty new to this, but I've always been interested in apes/monkeys. I had a friend for a short time whose own interests gave me the courage to express my own. Anyway, here I am, trying to make some cool, like-minded friends! No worries, when I bite...