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  1. Kahoku

    What is your dream?

    To get married to my gay husband, get a house, keep my career going, have my fursuit, go to cons and have great vacations, and to just keep cool for the rest of my life. IE keep my body in mostly good fit shape.
  2. Kahoku

    What is your Sexual Orientation: The Reckoning

    Nothing wrong with that, and awesome another snow leopard :)
  3. Kahoku

    What is your Sexual Orientation: The Reckoning

    Fuck, I am just gay. No hiding it anymore, and I don't know how many times I posted here.
  4. Kahoku

    What phone do you own?

    iPhone silver 5s 64 gb.
  5. Kahoku

    What kind of underwear do you wear ?

    boxer briefs
  6. Kahoku

    Entirely inappropriate shit you think.

    The pain, the suffering, and the drama. I couldn't stand to go and watch that, then the show it's self would be awful too.
  7. Kahoku

    things you just dont understand

    The Ted Cruz 21 hour speech that didn't do a damn thing.
  8. Kahoku

    Horrific fursuits (read OP)

    Re: Horrific fursuits Only thing that ran thru my mind...I didn't watch the show...Was..damn she got fat.
  9. Kahoku

    It Seems Like Sexuality is a Big Part of Furry

    Fangirls.....run away.
  10. Kahoku

    What Would You Do If You Met Your Fursona?

    Have some tea, and smoke. Probably talk about what went wrong, and then about current events. I like myself, so we would fuck. After that, go get some food.
  11. Kahoku


  12. Kahoku

    Hey guess what's back.

    They have tried to appeal healthcare 41 times now. I am not surprised myself.
  13. Kahoku

    I'm only attracted to... metal heads. ._.

    Your name....makes me think of raining trolls.
  14. Kahoku

    Teenagers shoot jogging baseball player "because they were bored"

    Happens all the time here in philly. Happened to my next door neighbor's kid, their son was shot for wearing a hoodie. Where was his tv case? He was coming back from night school, and was checking his phone. One case? no, real world? Yeah.
  15. Kahoku

    Teenagers shoot jogging baseball player "because they were bored"

    After the Trayvon Martian ruling, I gave up on this country. Murder is okay, and make it racist America. Stay Classy. I don't mean to respond so short on this post, but honestly god fucking damn it. * pours a little more whiskey *
  16. Kahoku

    Outdoor Activities

    I go bike riding when my bike works, I run around and walk around a lot outside. Fishing is great and I want to start camping.
  17. Kahoku

    Detroit files for bankrupcy

    It was always a business. Freedom isn't free, and the country goes to war for her interests? No, no. The interest of the lobbers, and corps that silver line the pockets of our voted decision makers. Just don't come here if you want a free nation, this isn't the one.
  18. Kahoku

    Badly Kept Secrets

    Tyler? Nah, I am kidding. But hey I got a skype if you ever want to talk about random things :) Well, it took a lot of work to get that way. I was really fat years ago. But I still don't like my shirt off, the marks and I am still working out to get toner. Thanks for the kind words.
  19. Kahoku

    Sex Discussion Thread

    Re: **TRIGGER WARNING** LEWD **TRIGGER WARNING** ~~~~Sexual Intercourse~~~~ Sounds like south philly,....but they still do it. And now we gots baby mama dramas.
  20. Kahoku

    It's good to see you around again :)

    It's good to see you around again :)