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    Should eugenics be practiced?

    What is eugenics? It means that people who are poor, have criminal history, have genetic disorders or family history of genetic disorders/diseases can be forced by law to be sterilized to prevent them from having kids. Best way to look at it is like breeding humans. All the people with defects...
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    What is your fursona's theme song?

    If your fursona had a theme song. What would it be? It can be any song. Here is mine t6GSKc-sJuQ
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    My Fursona: H311H0UND

    Name: Project H311H0UND Ref Sheet Age: 22 Sex: Male Species: Cyborg Dog Height: 6ft 1inch Weight: 190 pds Appearance: - Hair and fur: Grey with blue streaks - Markings: Surgical scars - Eye color: One blue eye (The other eye is red due to it being mechanical) - Other features: Cyborg body...
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    What do you do for a living?

    Just curious. What do must of you do for a living? Whats your job and, what do you do at your job? I work at a company called Living Essentials where we make the energy shot drink "5 Hour Energy". My post at my job is a mixer meaning that I make the drink itself.
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    What Are Your Favorite Arcade Games?

    I know must people don't go to arcades no more but, for those who still like the old retro arcade games. What are your favorite arcade games you still like to play? My favorites are The house of The Dead games and Time crisis 2.
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    The Most Annoying Songs You've Heard.

    (Dont post any really long songs on here. Try to keep the songs short so the thread doesn't get closed.) I searched to see if this thread had already been made and couldn't find one. This thread is for the must annoying songs in the world. They can be annoying because they make no sense, get...
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    Am I breaking any rules by doing this?

    I recently had a sig that said "Something tells that I might get banned from this site... Oh well. Time to go f--- sh-- up!" and a thread with a P.S. saying "Something tells me that i'm going to be banned for making this thread". I just realized that these jokes are in bad taste because it...
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    Resident Evil: Revelations with circle pad pro

    I just recently got this game and so far, I think its great. The story is a little weak but the raid mode is fun. Anyone else get this game and if so, what do you think about it? P.S. Did you all get the game case with the title spelled wrong?