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  1. x_eleven

    How Did Your Journey As A Furry Begin?

    The only bad publicity is no publicity. I know someone who joined up due to seeing Sex 2K's "Plushies and Furries", and that one was a helluvalot worse than "Fur and Loathing". It works both ways, actually. F&L couldn't do much damage anyway. Those who weren't interested remained not...
  2. x_eleven

    How Did Your Journey As A Furry Begin?

    I've been a Furry for as long as I can remember. For Halloween, my favorite costumes were animals. Fast forward to 31 October, 2003: this is when CSI showed THE infamous "Fur and Loathing" episode. By the time it was over, I was doing searches, all the while thinking: "Please let this be for...
  3. x_eleven

    Old Fur

    I don't know which one was the more insufferable busy body: Tipper Gore or Nancy Reagan. For awhile, I had those damn stickers on every CD. They were always bitchin' about Judas Priest and how they encouraged teen suicide. Judas Priest had nothing on Dickey Lee, who did Patches in the very early...
  4. x_eleven

    Furries run the internet (it says here)

    Furries have been involved with IT since Day One. Carnegie-Mellon students Claire Benedikt and Drew Maxwell founded FurryMUCK in 1992, and took it with them to Silicon Valley after they graduated. That brought Furrydom to the attention of tech workers. In 1990 Peter DaSilva started alt.fan.furry...
  5. x_eleven

    Barbie is now a furry

    Barbie needs a con badge.
  6. x_eleven

    1970's furry commercial

    I wonder if Jessaca's hostess ever got clued in.
  7. x_eleven

    How do you see the fandom shaping with current time?

    Furry, during the early years had to go through considerable growing pains. Usenet was filled with flame wars over questions as to who could use the term "Furry". Did this just apply to that good ol' boys' club of APA publishers and passive consumers? Did it apply to those who took more active...
  8. x_eleven

    Monster Cables (joke)

    Audiophoolery is endlessly entertaining.
  9. x_eleven

    What have you furs been doing to protect yourself from corperate and government surveillance

    Needs a low impedance ground. I avoid social(ist) media like Face Book and Twitter. I never had an account with either one. I'm running a Linux system (ever since Ought 1) use Falkon as it doesn't phone home the way Firefox does. Don't use Goolag's Chrome, and don't have a phone, just a regular...
  10. x_eleven

    I wonder if someone remember Bakugan(original) and Monsuno?

    Isn't Monsuno a chemical company or something? "Round Up" -- nasty stuff.
  11. x_eleven

    New friends?

    Welcome back. Me? Tatts and drinking, not so much. Music: yes.
  12. x_eleven

    Old Fur

    Those tickets would be $25.21 today. As for the age, old muzzle thing, I'm 65. First heard about Furdom in Ought 3.
  13. x_eleven

    What makes a furry convention a good convention?

    No chlorine in the stairwells.
  14. x_eleven

    Favorite Programming Language

    I favor C, C++, Python and BASH script. For graphical programming, the Fox Toolkit is written in C++. GTK is written in C.
  15. x_eleven

    i hate young furs on youtube

    I have a dislike for CensorTube.
  16. x_eleven

    Confuzzled anyone?

    You should have a look at this: information that generally applies. As to what to expect, you checked out the Confuzzled site? If you've been to other conventions, then that generally applies.
  17. x_eleven

    I AM NEW TO THIS uwu >.<

    Hey there, Foxfurcats
  18. x_eleven

    China Fursuits??? Anybody every try these?

    Hell to the no! This is another FraudBay scam, as stated here in an earlier post. Look at the savings, tempting, I know, but you also get what you pay for, and what you actually receive is nothing like the pictures. Are you really saving? There's a reason why well made fursuits cost so much. I...
  19. x_eleven

    Getting back into the fandom?

    ^ | They come; they go. I'm still here. This forum is a good deal more active than a lot of the ones I frequent. It's a consequence of Furry's coming closer to the mainstream, competition from other sites like Discord, Telegram, etc. Stick around, and you'll become a part of it soon enough.
  20. x_eleven

    Mephit fur meet

    Maybe, but that's awfully far out.