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    What compelled you to pick the species you did fyour fursona?

    Well, I've always thought that I was a wolf. Living in Alaska for the first few years of my life only fueled that belief. Now I'm in Louisiana, I've brought my howling, barking self to an Air Force base.
  2. D

    Your fictional character crush

    Honestly, I find money to be sexy. I wanna cuddle up with it every night. Play with it. Put it in my pants. Mmm... Money. Ok, now seriously, I think the twins on the new ThunderCats are sooo cute.
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    Your fictional character crush

    Well, I must confess, I really like that twisted mentality of hers. It gets my blood rushing. On another note, she's dominate.
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    Your fictional character crush

    Ahsoka from Star Wars. XD Seriously. (o_o)
  5. D

    Your fictional character crush

    That guy look pretty badass.
  6. D

    Your fictional character crush

    Hmm... I'm thinking... Katt Monroe from Star Fox Command, or maybe Blaire from Soul Eater. (even as a dog, I've always had this thing for cats... Is that a weird thing?)
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    A furries wepon of choice

    Don't waste the whiskey!!!!!
  8. D

    A furries wepon of choice

    You mean a Barrett M82A1? I would like to reccomend an upgrade: the Barrett M107A2. It's five pounds lighter and fires Barrett's .416 boat tail.
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    your worst videogaming moment

    Well... any time you plan on j-walking in Battlefield 3, you usually regret it, not to mention rounding a corner only to come face-2-barrel with a tank...
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    What was the last album you listened to?

    I've been listening to Red- "Until We Have Faces". Just some album of theirs that I picked up on lately. http://www.YouTube.com/watch?v98cIe6a944s
  11. D

    What Are You Playing Right Now?

    I play Battlefield3 on multiplayer only (I gotz Premium for $25!!!) and CoD:BO2 to just pass the time. You'll mostly find me on BF3 running over some j-walkers with a tank. You may even find me playing Ace Combat: Fires of Liberation. This is on XBOX, btw.
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    Hello FAF

    Faolan? Lemme guess, you've read Kathrine Lasky's "Wolves of the Beyond."
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    XBox 360 Live gamers

    Battlefield 3 anyone? GT is BunnyForceRecon. I may not be the best at it but I like the fun.
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    Will I be picked on for being a fur?

    It all boils down to who you say it to. I was once having a cinversation with a friend of mine about different fandoms and such, and I brought up the furry fandom and my involvement and she's all like, "You don't plan on screwing my dog do you?" ... Instant face-palm... Well, I compared it to...
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    Calling All Military Furs!

    Are there any furry charity groups that raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project?
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    Hello FA!!!

    U as in up
  17. D

    Hello FA!!!

    Hello. I'm Malik (pronuonced Muh-LEEK, Yeah it's that important to me) This is my first post. My fursona is a wolf/devil dog with yellow and red fur. The colors represent the US Marine Corps, which I plan to join in a couple years. I'm still working on my concept. I play the violin and...