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  1. Tavelius

    [CLOSED] NSFW Feral dragon YCH

    Heya all, I'm creating my first YCH to boost up my skills (and renown). I'm taking up submissions and I'll either pick the one I like the most design wise, or use a random number generator to pick for me. If interested, please check my journal entry relaying the rules here ->...
  2. Tavelius

    Games everyone seems to love, but you just couldn't get into.

    I'm a huge Dark Souls fanboy, I even purchased a used ps4 to play bloodborne, but I agree. The second one especially was marketed around being too hard, and in the game itself there are a lot of reused ideas from the first one, and most of the difficult parts are accomplished by throwing more...
  3. Tavelius

    Dunno what to draw...

    Since you've drawn Kirby which is a video game character, you could attempt to draw the duo from "The last guardian"
  4. Tavelius

    Most Fun Word To Say

    Obtuse Hogwash Rubish Hoover That is all.
  5. Tavelius

    Alternative music

    I've recently came across a band I would consider indie and I quite enjoy them. Unfortunately they are relativelly new so they only have one album.
  6. Tavelius

    Quick trade (CLOSED)

    Hey, here's my part of it I've uploaded it in my gallery with the appropriate credit, and I'll be posting the video in my soon to exist YouTube channel soon :3
  7. Tavelius

    which anime do you like?

    I also love "My hero academia" but I think it's a sin no one mentioned "Shirokuma cafe" so far. It's an anime about a polar bear that owns a cafe, a grizzly that owns a bar, a penguin that does nothing, and a panda that works at the zoo as a part time panda.
  8. Tavelius


    Hi, I think I can expand on some things that were said earlier. Higher resolution basically means higher pixel size for your canvas. If the above picture is the full size you're working on, then it's much too small. I don't start working with less than a 3000x3000 pixel canvas, even though I...
  9. Tavelius

    Quick trade (CLOSED)

    Greetings, I would take you up on that :3 How do we proceed from here?
  10. Tavelius

    Games everyone seems to love, but you just couldn't get into.

    I liked Oblivion quite a lot, and was a bit disappointed with Skyrim, because it was too streamlined and simple. To me the best Elder Scrolls game will always be Morrowind. As for a popular game I don't like, Super Hot. I got it recently in a bundle and I can't seem to get into it, I...
  11. Tavelius

    To NSFW or not to NSFW: That is the Question

    I do that exact same thing, twice now actually. But yes, it's a real shame because you don't get the support of the people around you. I don't even dare draw anything furry related outside my working space, and even there, I had to come up with an overly complex layout to make sure I'm not...
  12. Tavelius

    I have a predicament.

    For digital art, a tablet is a must. If there's none available, like they said above, drawing on paper and scan it is the way to go, but I would go even further. With the traditional sketch, you can go into a vector application like Inkscape, as mentioned above, and trace the art with the pen...
  13. Tavelius

    Traditional vs. Digital

    When I was in high school I felt the exact opposite. People would belittle the stuff I did on the pc because it was "easier" and there were more tools available. Then again, I was somewhat in an arts course, and it was about seven years ago so I think it's to be expected. Online though, I can...
  14. Tavelius


    Thanks all for the welcome. I was considering doing commissions for 3D character sheets at one point, but I got burned out from doing just that one, so it's in the back burner for now. But I got to say, it's very creative and liberating to come up with markings in a 3D model.
  15. Tavelius

    To NSFW or not to NSFW: That is the Question

    Hello, I can speak from experience on this subject as well. I've been drawing furry stuff for a few years, trying to improve my drawings, but I always wanted to migrate more towards NSFW things. I did a couple of those here and there in the past years but didn't upload them to my FA page or...
  16. Tavelius


    Thank you :3 I'm still trying to find my own art style. I've had a lot of shifts in the way I draw, form line art to painting to vector to hard shading, but I have a pretty good idea of what I want to accomplish now without looking at other cool art, drooling over myself and do a complete shift...
  17. Tavelius


    Greetings to you all, joining the forums to pursue my artistic furry works. I've been drawing furry art for some years now, but I am still far from my quality goal, so I shall be stalking mainly around the Art & Illustration section to improve, as well as hopefully help other people in my...
  18. Tavelius

    GIMP for a beginner

    Greetings, allow me to weigh in on this as well. Like Butt_Ghost mentioned, SAI isn't free, and GIMP is the best alternative to photoshop for photo editing purposes. However, if your goal is digital painting, I would have to make a case for Krita, which was also mentioned above. I switched from...