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  1. AlexJMurphy1982

    furry folk and ferals co-existing in Tucca and Bertie

    On Tucca and Bertie, anyone else notices the world has furries (aka animal humanoid people), ferals (lower animal creatures that are just plain regular animals that furries and other people keep as even in zoos or as pets or in the wild) and plant people and all? It must be the same goofy and...
  2. AlexJMurphy1982

    The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

    For anyone who's a Jim Henson fan or a fan of Henson's classic 1982 fantasy, this one is a delight of a series that easily surpasses the movie. It expands upon the world of Thra and it's history even how Skektek the skeksis lost his eye to the rebellion of gelflings against Skeksis. It's a...
  3. AlexJMurphy1982

    Thundercats 35th anniversary

    Hard to believe this show that is one of the things that spawned our fandom is 35 this year! one of my fave animated shows since i was 4 for 34 years and even watched reruns as a teen on Toonami. This was one of Rankin Bass's best achivements and spawned an excellent 2011 revival. Not to...
  4. AlexJMurphy1982

    Bojack Horseman Final Season part 2 this month

    One of my favorite cartoons of the last decade and adult animation is coming to an end! i will miss it as it had intelligent smart humor that is sarcastic, relatable characters, surrealism and satire plus drama as it's Fritz the Cat, The Simpsons (as in golden age Simpsons), Regular Show, The...
  5. AlexJMurphy1982

    Hey all!

    I'm from Albuquerque NM, i'm a furry fan since always, i'm 37 and my interests include sci-fi, horror, fantasy, reading, action, comedy, traveling, comics, art, books, conventions and all. My favorite movie is Robocop (1987) which my nickname comes from and i'm a geek in any fandom.
  6. AlexJMurphy1982

    Half-human half-something

    I'm a half-human/half cat person similar to a neko who's fursona's mom is a cat person woman and who's dad is a human man. Any other hybrids of humans/anthros humans/aliens and all?