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  1. Z01Y0NYA

    Any blender 3D Artists/Genuises/Masters out there????

    So for MONTHS I have been trying to accomplish this one simple method in blender that I cant seem to solve.... Would ANYONE know how to do this? Or atleast know where the addon for this is located? And if you understand what im trying to do... would there be any alternatives??? I tried...
  2. Z01Y0NYA

    aaaarg she blows

    So I just realized FA Re-Enabled the forums, good good. Lets start out with who the hell I am: My Fursona goes by the name "Blue" because im a blue dragon :V (Original!1!!) Now we have all that furry stuff outta the way lemme tell ya folks a thing er 2 :3 Im highly interested in 3D artwork...