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    Sharing some art

    Decided to share some sample art to share. I've been trying to get this piece into photoshop elements so I can color and edit it. I'm frustrating and eager to share art so I'm posting this despite that I'd rather share a colored and edited version. www.furaffinity.net: TMNT frog by...
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    How many of you do not have a fursona?

    So as the title might suggest, I do not have a fursona. It's not because I don't like the idea, I didn't see the point in making one for the sake of making one. I have chars that could have been my fursona. I guess I could have randomly picked one of my chars and declared that char my fursona...
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    Art as a phase

    Lately I've gotten the impression after being asked about my age within the artist community , that art was something you pursue up to a certain age and then it's not longer socially acceptable to be an artist anymore. This was confusing and contradicted other previous artist advice . Such...
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    Gallery changes and watchers

    When you have an artist gallery on the internet and people decide to watch you for the type of art you produce, do you feel any responsibility towards your watchers when you go into a different direction with your art?. Do you keep up the old art that attracted watchers in the first place?. Do...
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    Furry species size proportions

    I'm sure this topic has come up before . What I'm wondering is how you all feel about size proportions among differing species of furries relating to the sizes of their RL feral counterparts. Would you make a large furry species larger than other furries and a smaller species smaller or would...
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    Total Drama anyone?

    I recently caught up on this series and am back to making art for it. It's been an interesting challenge for me to work with.
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    Not exactly new

    I haven't been active on here for a while and thus decided making another "new person" post might be a good idea. This has been partly due to ongoing computer issues and partly due to other IRL events such as severe lyme disease and house flooding issues. Lyme disease ended up causing vision...
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    Clingy FB friends.

    SO it seems I sometimes pick up some FB friends that are what I'll describe as clingy. Seems to start off fine and then it gets weird. I got on FB last Friday to send someone a FB message that I'm not attending a weekend event due to car problems and this line of "helllo?....hi?...Are there...
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    Working alone.

    I'm coming back to my art after some medical issues that I had difficulty getting medical help for( long story short) and some efforts at a new job/source of income. I often lose track of the troubleshooting I need to do to improve the quality of my art, there is one re-occurring issue that...
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    Mac OS 10.5

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    It seems to be the closet furry con to my locale being in the northeast USA. Anyone attending it here?. I have no idea if it's realistic for me to try and plan to go to a con given my financial circumstances/lyme's disease issues. I guess someone put the idea back into my head so here I am...
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    Eye lashes.

    While I was coloring one of my pics(this one) http://www.furaffinity.net/view/10267231/ I added in eye lashes without thinking about it. So I got to thinking, would eye lashes count as body hair?. I should add here that I avoid giving body hair to species that do not naturally have it ...
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    No fursona?.

    Whenever I've been into the furry scene on and off for many years now( which for me has always been online only), I run into the issue of fursonas. Choosing them, sharing them with others, getting help to choose one etc etc. What I'm wondering is are there are others like me who have never had...
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    Newbie on the block.

    I've browsing this site for a while and just joined today. I'm excited to get a new gallery account going!. I needed a fresh start with my art and I think FA is going to be a good place for me to do that. Due to complicated reasons I won't get into here, I was feeling extremely discouraged over...