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    Upgrade? or build new?

    Being an Intel fan I suggest the latter... but you can save a mint by stepping down to a dual core (an E8500), especially since I don't think DiRT is one of those few games that can use all four cores. If you step down the mobo a bit and get DDR2 RAM (DDR3 is still too expensive, especially for...
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    What browser do you use?

    Firefox - customisable, functional and pretty resource friendly. Also bombs out on me considerably less than IE (5, 6 OR 7) ever did.
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    Hellgate London shutting down

    ANY WHO DARE TO TREAD UPON BLIZZARD'S TERRITORY SHALL SUFFER AN IGNOMINOUS FATE, EVEN FORMER BLIZZARD EMPLOYEES. As is proven by both Iron Lore and FSS :P *Radiates fanboyism for a bit, marred only slightly by WoW hatred* Although TQ was fun once most of the bugs had been patched out. As you...
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    Shareing keyboard between two computers

    There are quite a few switchers around that let you do that - plug the keyboard, mouse and monitors into it and then from it to the PCs (you can get combined PS2/VGA cables, probably USB ones too if you don't want to use adapters). Push a button and boom, other screen :P Don't rele know what...
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    Had to deal with Antivirus XP at work because some idiots in management think that all e-mail links are safe. HA. And Avast... no. Just no. Norton is bad, but nothing compared to Avast... had like 30 viruses on my PC once not detected by it. I was idiotic enough to actually dl a crack and use...
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    Easiest bosses ever.

    The countess (or whatever her name is) in Act 1 of Diablo II. Like 3-4 hits and she's down. Alin warship thing in Crysis (the "final boss"). Duck, shoot, duck, shoot...
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    soul calibur 4!!!

    Yip. Mitsurugi is awesome.
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    After going through some of the art books I've gone through furry doesn't seem particularly weird any more :P Mythopoeikon (Patrick Woodroffe) anyone? :P
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    Narcotics and the Furry Fandom

    Only drugs I rely on are nicotine and caffeine... sure I've smoked an occasional joint (dagga - marijuana to be more specific) but I never even think about it unless offered. However, I get caffeine withdrawal after half a day :P Strangely enough, no nicotine withdrawal issues if I need to skip...
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    My buddy calls me over today and tells me to look at this e-mail he got sent labelled "Weird shit" I take a look - and am surprised to see furry pics attached to the documents. He says, "These people are weird, eh?" and I, being the coward I am, just say, "Ja... weird..." This sort of thing...
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    Rom gaming

    Nintendo... Fire Emblem to be specific. Love that game :P
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    Any good program for recording stuff in your desktop?

    I suppose I can't really comment there... I upgraded my entire PC when I went from my old IDE HDD to my current SATA drives... not to mention the IDE drive I had was a 5400RPM drive at least two years past it's warranty... But from a subjective point of view, SATA does work better for me...
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    Any good program for recording stuff in your desktop?

    FRAPS works great for me, although the sound is a bit buggy. Are you running an IDE HDD and/or a single core processor? That will mean FRAPS will lag quite a bit more. I usually assign one core to FRAPS and one to the game for minimal interference (I also record to a seperate HDD) If for...
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    What do furs do as jobs IRL?

    Don't have the necessary money to write even the CCENT exams. I'm currently nothing more than a technician just leaving the home, after all. Got all I can manage with the bare essentials (rent, electricity and internet. Food is unnecessary when you have coffee :P ) Thanks for the heads up...
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    What do furs do as jobs IRL?

    I'm actually quite interested in network stuff, though I don't know how to do much more than change IPs, put a PC on a domain and some really basic account admin. Asking me to do anything major with the servers or anything at all with telnet would probably be a bad idea... I'll probably do what...
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    Is Vista Over Vilified?

    Sorry didn't mean to patronise, but I did feel that needed to be cleared up.
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    Is Vista Over Vilified?

    Actually 64 bit has been around since the 1960s (in Supercomputers). It's just that it only been around for servers and higher end workstations since the 90s and only hit desktops 40 years on...
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    Here is interesting site I've come upon

    Seems rather like a very elaborate Maddox project to me... except it's not done by Maddox :P Maddox
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    I'm surprised that there are people can't zip

    I only really use my WinRAR when e-mailing/transferring via MSN... Used to use zip a lot... when I was still running on DOS and using a stiffy drive... back then a little bit of extra compression went a long way XD
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    Is Vista Over Vilified?

    Problem with pae is that you need to have the program coded specifically for it, like 64-bit. It's also slower than 32 or 64 bit because of the extra clock cycles consumed to use the extra 4 bits :/ Rather use 64 bit if you need more than 4GB memory.