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  1. milk

    Free Art: Some busts/headshots maybe!

    Hey yall, I really just need some practice so I'd like to do some bust/headshot sketches. Not sure how many I'll do tbh so just post a clear image of your sona/OC please!
  2. milk

    milk's auctions, flatsales, etc!

    Hello! I'll be using this thread to post any auctions or other non-commission type work. Open until 9/20 12 PM Pacific: BID HERE: www.furaffinity.net: Canine Adopt Auction - Open! by Arcaani Prices here are in USD. Winner will receive the full sized art (4000x3000px, 200dpi) as a PNG...
  3. milk

    Digital sketch art starting at $25, fast turnaround!

    Hello! Thanks for checking out my thread. :) I'll open a max of two slots at a time, for now. Pricing is as follows, not pictured are icons and grab bags for $25. Icon - a 1000x1000 px image that you could use for any site which allows you to upload your own avatar. Grab bag - at minimum...