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    straight furries here?

    im intrested in how many straight furries there are around in the fandom. if your a straight fur post here so i can get an idea of how many there are thanks help is apprecated!:-D
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    hey all you gsd's

    where are all the sheps at? i know your out there...
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    hand paw help?

    i dont know im intersted in getting some hand paws and was wandering what is a resonable price for just hand paws alone? help is appreicated...:)
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    Anyone like Harley's ?

    hey i was wandering if any furs are interested in Harley Davidson motorcycles? I personally think they are sweet!
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    fur con?

    hey can someone tell me what the closest con would be to north carolina? im going to FWA for my first con but was wandering if there are any closer.just to know.
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    help me name my character

    I need some help naming my character if you have any suguestions. I would prefer a german or english name. just as long as i can prenounce it lol well my character is a anthro german shepherd dog he is very warm and accepting. he also likes to cut up and is very hyper active and has the...
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    consept art ?

    im wanting consept art for a fursuit,but idk wat to do?
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    furs in north carolina?

    hi i was just wandering if any furs live close to me near ashville?