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  1. NotSafeForCat

    Character/Fursona storage website ?

    Hello, Wasn't sure in which forum to post this, I hope it is fine here. I'm looking for a place to store my characters, with their informations (background, personality...) and all of their pictures (including stuff that wasn't drawn by me). Basically, I'm looking for something like ToyHouse...
  2. NotSafeForCat

    LF active (NSFW) roleplay

    Hello I haven't roleplayed for years, but I'd like to go back into it, being SFW or NSFW roleplay (though I'd admit I'm mostly looking for NSFW). I am not a native English speaker, then I might do some mistakes, and I am not able to write in an elaborate and complex manner. I am not much keen...
  3. NotSafeForCat

    Free Art: Free NSFW art

    [Please leave this thread if you're not an adult] Hello I just got perverted by Furaffinity and slipped into NSFW art. I'm too new to get commissions yet, then I'd like to practise doing some free art. You can see an example here. if you'd like to get some free NSFW art, post your fursona or...