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  1. john_shadowblade

    Table top RPG's online

    Hey guys. it's been quite a while since I posted something like this, but due to issues I'm in the need of people who want to hit up a game of Pathfinder online. I've got 2 games, a steampunk adventure and a sci-fi exploration, you can join up in one or the both of them. Both of which we will be...
  2. john_shadowblade

    Archeage Beta

    Hey I was wondering if anyone else was going to be in the Archeage beta this weekend.
  3. john_shadowblade

    Steam Card Group

    I don't know if it's ok to put this here, so if not just let me know. Me and a couple guys are trying to start up a gaming group and the ones of us on steam are doing a trading card league. You can challenge other members for cards in their inventory, but if you loose they get to take a card...
  4. john_shadowblade

    Playtest for new RPG

    Hey I just got a link to this from the kind and thoughtful, Kosdu. http://www.evilhat.com/home/dresden-files-accelerated-edition/ I think it looks cool, anyone interested in joining a group for testing or hosting one?
  5. john_shadowblade

    Skype Pathfinder

    Now looking for another minimum of 2-3 people for a game of Pathfinder over Skype. It's an anthro steampunk theme with an emphasis on invention and exploration. If you're interested contact john_shadowblade on Skype.
  6. john_shadowblade

    Any wargammers here?

    I'm just wondering if there's anyone out there who likes to do the whole war game thing. I'm talking Warhammer 40K, Warmachine, or any of the other ones. I can't tell if there's just a lack of it where I live(like everything else that doesn't involve booze and high powered rifles) or if it's on...
  7. john_shadowblade

    Elder Scrolls Beta

    Hey I just got my beta key for ESO and I've got access for this weekend. The NDA says I can't give out any details, but does anyone else have access this weekend?
  8. john_shadowblade

    Xcom Enemy within

    Hey has anyone played the new Xcom? I've gotta say it's nice. Takes the same good formula and adds enough to making things interesting. It actually got me thinking, why aren't there more good turn based strategies out there?
  9. john_shadowblade


    Hey. I'm John Shadowblade. I go by John or Johnny. I decided to join the forums cause I told someone who means alot to me that I'm going to try and be more positive and I think talking to a different crowd might in fact help with that. If there's anything you guys want to know about, just ask...